looking for a long term rental (a year or more) need pet- ok $1000 or less and in mountains


Country: Costa Rica


If you are looking for central valley area mountains we can not really help you. However, We would be glad to help you find a rental in the Nosara area in the mountains... We are on the northern pacific coast, west of Nicoya. Good luck!


Your budget is very low, a small apartment in CR anywhere is at least between $150-$200 a month
Look I have a prperty in scazu, one of the best areas in the country, going towards the mountains yet close to malls and stores. A 2 bedroom house for $600 and a huge patio. If you want it fully furnished I can rent it for $900 a month.
Here in Cartago there are a lot of houses for rent in the mountains or near. If your budget is $1000 per month, you'll find big and good houses but if it isn't, then you won't find one for less than $300 per month.
There are a lot of options to choose from but the more specific you are in terms of what you want the better choices we can offer, i.e. How many bedrooms and baths?, how close to the capital city of San Jose do you want to be or does it not matter?, etc. etc. The more information you provide as to what is important to you, the better choices we can offer. Another important fact needed is as of when would you need the place since today's offerings could be gone in a week or a month, etc.
I need a 2 bedroom baths dont matter but I furnishings and I do not want to be in san jose but rather in the mountains Also I have two small dogs that will be comming with me (there my little babies) I will be there the first week of may and will need the rental through may 2011
If your budget is a $1000.00 a month ,I have a beatifull house right on the beach in Esterillos ,near Jaco , on the pacific coast...available for at least 10 month with all the service pool.cable,internet,telephone and all stores very close.This a deal for the area.
Where are you coming from ?

We have a beautiful mountain-country Villa (Quinta) near Pararíso, Cartago only 1 hr drive East from SJO. It is about 1.12 acres, has incredible views of lake Cachí, Tapantí NP, Irazú Volcano and the Reventazón river valley. Far away from all noise and from people yet close enough to town to go shopping, banking,run errands etc. Main house has 1 Bdrm, 2 bath, terrace w/jacuzzi, solar panels, wood burning stove, Direct TV-via satellite, Internet(ADSL 1MB), phone, rain harvesting capacity, organic fruits and veggies, separate small guest room w/private bathroom and telephone, 1/2 basketball court, BBQ Ranch, Lookout (mirador) w/ 2 benches, covered 2 car garage, ample parking.
You can see the property at : . Click on the photo album"Quinta la Comarca'. pet's are welcome!

Pura Vida!

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Hi there. Do have a place for you in the mountains. Do you like the rainforest?

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