I am looking for tour guides?


Country: Sri Lanka


You have found a tour guide or two contact Shamila or John Shamila's Chalets UK SL Bureau e mail or via our website 5 languages spoken in all.
Please do call me on 071 656 222 7 or on , to get your requirements, then either me or another of our team could assist you. All are well experienced.
On Wildlife conservation, Environment, Habitats and Camping I am there!!!!

Specialized field Serpentoid Reptelia.

+94 77 3243 446;


I can take some people shopping / clubbing in Colombo.
Well, I am not a travel guide or a agent. but I have been a traveller... (India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Hong Kong, Brazil, Turkey...) I can give you a fair bit of info about traveling in Sri Lanka.

What do you exactly look for?
I am a well qualified, with 12 years experience, and a registered tourist guide posesing guide license N 576 .My telephone number is +94777670096.I have been working in many tour agencies like Connaissance,Jetwing,Visit lanka etc.Also I have work experience in many government and private organisations and as well as in about 8 Foriegn Countries.
Yeah ....... I hope I can help you.. but for how many days.
looking for the guiding service around hikkaduwa ? i have some tour guides (sri lanka tourist board approved National tour guide + lecturer) you can travel with them like a local, friendly service :) please contact me directly or check your website
I'll help you
i am a trekking guide and trekking organizae call 0777646243 Deen
hi i can guide you
mail me
We can help!

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