Has anyone been to Phillip Island, close to Melbourne?

I am planning my trip to Phillip Island from Melbourne, but am not so sure which the best way to get there? By bus, train or ferry? I wanna take a day trip from Melbourne to the island and not interested to take a tour. I really need help on this, PLEASEEEEE!!!


State: Victoria

Country: Australia


I have not been myself but almost went last year and found that the ferry looked best.
Hi, thanks a lot for your reply. Yeah, I think I will take the ferry, I found it less time than coach :)
Hi - I have driven to Phillip Island a few times, and there are no trains to Phillip Island, so that leaves you with 2 choices - Bus or Ferry - I haven't taken the ferry - but I would think it would be FAR more pleasant than taking a bus which will do a Tour whether you like it or not and stop at every available pit stop enroute making your trip a lot longer than planned and fills your day being rushed from heere there and every where when you day is mostly taking up by the bus driving you everywhere you don't want to do or go - personally to tell you Phillip Island is quite large but you need TIME to truly enjoy what it has to offer- not just a one day rush job . . . where you end up being stiff all day from sitting in a bus all day long . . but speaking from experience - you may be best off getting into a car and going for a magnificent drive at your own leisure and pace - failing that I'll hire a car and drive you there myself . . . I always love a good long escape
Hi Cassandra, thanks a lot for your advice. Yeah, I think I will just take ferry then, and dont think will rent car while on the island, as I do need international driver license and my overall trip in Australia is quite short so dont really need it. And think will stay for one night on the island. Thanks a lot :) And hey, it seems not many people I know really been to this island then.
hi again, many people have actually been . . thousands in fact, I would just explain that this is a realtively new website and not many Aussies have as yet discovered it .. and or have yet to join up to it therefore the knowledge base for those that have travelled there would be thus limited until someone more local to the area and or who has a holiday house or lives on the island itself comes across and or discovers the website and joins up then the knowledge there would improve - but I can tell you it is a HIGH tourist destination point and very popular year round - hope that helps
Hey there, i have just been to the island last week. When going to Fed Sq in Melbourne, you also can get a tkt for bus which drops you of. I have been to Nobbies (was beautiful), the penguins and had a picknick in one of the beautiful parks.
Hi there, thanks for sharing. Do you know how long it is for the bus to the island? I found on the V Line website, scheduling for 3 hours which is too long. Thanks again!
3 hours would be correct - you won't get there any sooner - the bus will go at a slow pace and more then likely stop at scenic places enroute for a break as well - if you already have a driver's licence - there should not be a problem for you to get it recognised internationally and get the car but the ferry is still your best bet, failing that . . I do and can drive and if you like am more than happy to take you out there for a drive there, but I do not own a car so we would have to get a car rental - then I can take you all over the island if you wish . . . your choice and decision and I cannot afford this car rental - no pressure but at least the pressure would not be there and you can go around at your leisure
Hello, I have been there by car and the ferry. The ferry is enjoyable, but without a car it's quite difficult to see many things, unless you hire a bicycle. The penguin night tour is worth doing and there is an old pub/hotel worth stopping by for a drink.

Enjoy your trip
very well spoken and put . . I couldn't agree with you any more

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