My travel plans in Egypt x II

According to my plan from question part I,I'll spend 4 days in Cairo, please kindly suggest any activities I could do. Because I'll be backpacking on a tight budget and as a single female traveling alone, I wonder whether it will be dangerous? And what shall I be aware of???


Country: Egypt


Hi jeniffer
1st of ll welcome in egypt and cairo as well
if u intend to stay in cairo for 4days so , u can visit pyramids,sphinx,museum,saladin castle,hanging church and the most ancient mosque if u want to .
in the night life u gonna found lots of discotheque and cabaret as well also the shopping malls wiv cinemas ,,,,and i confirm thats not be any kind of dangerous or even violent action , the Egyptian people are very friendly and u'll be safe among them ... for more info plz dont hesitate to ring me at anytime or txt me as well +2 011 4960666
why don't you join me and let me introduce some american friends that live in egypt till the end of summer and so it will be great and you will not feeling alone .. welcome to egypt and you are safe in your second country egypt :)
do not forget Alexandria, it is a beautiful city too, not far away form cairo
what about spending aday in a yahkt in el 3in el so7'na in the red sea ;) it kan kost less than 100$
My best suggestions is to follow a modest way of dress as that is part of the culture here, and take good care about going away with people you dont know. I think many hotels will offer tours you can join in with other guests if they have it. Egyptians are friendly and you should have a great time.
hy jennifer.
everywhere in cairo is easy to use the metro, the cheappest way.
Take care with clothes, just be decent.
Dont forget about old cairo, which is magnificent.
Also you have city stars, the biggest mall.
And outside are Sakkara, Dashur, Meidun, where you can go by taxi, is cheapper.
In case you need somebody to guide you here, tell me ok?
Take Care of you and good luck.
hi jennifer

i am an egyptian tour guide and i tell you that the most importanrt you shall do cairo is watching the living history of egypt personified in its great monuments including the pyramids the egyptian museum and islamic cairo etc etc etc. and i will be happy to join you at this trip if you would like please contact me on
Hi Jenny,
Cairo is pretty safe so u don't have to worry. For transportation use the Metro (underground) it's the cheapest and the fastest with all the traffic in the streets of cairo. Visit the pyramids and Sphinx(use the metro then a taxi, beware of them over charging), that should take a whole morning and the Egyptian museum too (in Tahrir u can use the metro to get there). u can also visit the ancient mosques and the hanging chruch, go for a nile cruise in the night it's so beutiful! if u're a night life person, i'd recommend Latix in Nile Hilton hotel, it's one of the best in Cairo, friday night is the ladies night, so it's free entry.
Contact me for more details and if u need any assistance while u're here, i'd be more than happy to help :) i understand the tight budget and travelling as a single female :D
Enjoy your stay
Jennifer hi

You have already received quite a few answers and some good information. I am sure that you will not have any difficulty traveling as a single female – I didn’t when I first came to Egypt. Everyone will be welcoming and pleasant, you might only be overwhelmed by the number of marriage proposals you receive  If you feel you are being in any way harassed be firm in your refusals and after a couple of firm “no thank you”s everyone will desist.

Cairo has a great deal to offer, there are SO many things to see and do. Find yourself a reasonable budget hotel (or we can find one for you) or there are hostels that you can book online, including at least one reasonable one situated Downtown. There will be activities within walking distance (including walking Downtown at night – Egyptian shops stay open until VERY late) some for which you can take a short taxi ride (say Old Cairo, Coptic Cairo or Khan il Khalili) and still others where you may need to combine the Metro and taxis or have a private car. The Metro has only 2 lines, both running roughly north to south, but it is cheap and has signage in both English and Arabic. Taxis are reasonably cheap but make sure you fix the price first and don’t hesitate to say no and move on to another taxi if you think the price is too dear and you can’t negotiate. Don’t agree to the cab driver picking up someone else along the way.

Your US$ will currently get you around 5.6 Egyptian pounds, so work out your budget and decide what you must see during your stay. Almost all monuments and sites have entrance fees (the pyramids around 60 pounds for example) so you’ll need to factor that in and then decide what you can afford from your list. I find the best way to keep on a tight budget is to plan well so you don’t miss anything you really wanted to see. Remember that Egypt is a “tipping” culture and many workers rely on tips to survive so factor that in as well. (Even a trip to the bathroom usually incurs a 1 pound tip for the attendant).

I would also shop local and eat local – kosheri, fuul, felafal or shabrawy (Egyptian sandwiches) are all cheap ad delicious. There are many fresh juice shops and mint tea at the café is also cheap. I haven’t been ill from local food ever but I do drink bottled water. A mall like City Stars is interesting to stroll around but its designer label stores are expensive. You will pass literally thousands of little shops, don’t be afraid to bargain if something takes your eye.

For me - I would include the pyramids, the Citadel, Old Cairo, Coptic Cairo, Saqqara (do it the same day as the pyramids) and the Egyptian Museum. Talk to the locals when you can. At night walk Downtown or maybe take a cruise on the Nile with dinner and a show (costs a bit more though) or perhaps a felucca ride. Dashur is interesting but a way out of the city.

We could provide an all-in service, transport, guide, entrance fees etc., at a reasonable cost but we’d need to see if that fitted your budget.

By the way, I hope in your plan you have a day at least in Alexandria – it’s quite a different Egyptian city – I love it!


PS – Carry tissues (for toilet paper) and some sort of handwipe or disinfectant, you’ll need both in lots of places…. March will be cool at times so bring something warm and dress “decently” – I always find long pants and long sleeves easiest.
that is my suggestions for you for 4 days tour

day 1 in Cairo ,seeing there the step pyramid complex,and the Giza pyramids where you

can have a look for 15 pyramids in one day

day 2

going to the Egyptian museum,fort of salah Alden and mosque of Mohamed Ali,

Islamic Cairo where you can see the Coptic,old Cairo

day 3

have an over day to Alexandria it is easy to go by train 3 hours where you can

see the main sights of oldest Alexandria of the all world

and back to Cairo at the same day

day 4

make it for the Islamic Cairo where you can see el azhar mosque,Fatimid street ,

visit old house back to 500 years ago ,tour in khan al khalily bazaar,and getting a Nile boat trip

my guide lines for you for safety is
modest in your clothes,if you lost in the road asking a female in the
road about the right direction

----------------what ever you going to do my best wishes for you
heey......u got alot 2 c in cairo well u have alot of egyptions here & as u know if u want 2 c egypt b with egyption so he can show u best places & makes u enjoying ur trip verywell.... all people here r good any 1 can help u.... anyway during the day time as u c the historical places 4 sure is gr8 & have lunch as well there is awesome @ night time it's my thing as am a dj so u'll have good night life with music & the places... anyhow u'll enjoy ur trip here in egypt with any1 of our friends here they can help ........ i dont think weather is bad in march it'll b good 4 sure so u dont have 2 worry anyway if u need any help.ucan ask any1 here hope u agr8 trip ;)
It is safe in Cairo.
Visit the egyptian museum, the citadel and the pyramids, and spend your free time around downtown, move around by metro
i have a full progarm for you just mail me and i will send you all details
All those answers r good and i've no comment about them.
09/03/2009 arrivel
10/03/2009 travling to aswen by train ( you must booking ticket befor 3 days the ticket around 26$
11/03/2009 much best to booking nile cruise with sit sean aswan, kom mobo, eudfo , luxor my be 4 nigths 5 days it will dropt you in luxor
16/03/2009 come back to cairo by train if you have any question E-mail me on or by sms 010 51 51 733 best regards hany
hi there spending 4 days
in Cairo depends on your issues of interest. historical, cultural, and other interest will modify your trip, and help better planing. if u r interested give me a call +20111284222
All this suggetions are very right i don't comment in it.
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