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I'm planning a trip to Egypt in March 09 which is next coming month. Since I only have about 12 days to spend and just decided my destination the last minute today, I need some helpful information from the localytes. Here is my plan as follows: Day1. Cairo Day2. Cairo-Aswan (I plan to go by night sleeping train from Cairo-Aswan. Can anyone tell me where I can buy the train ticket and how much it cost?) Day3. Aswan Day4. Aswan-Edfu (I plan to travel by cruise on Nile from Aswan-Edfu. Is there a such service between these two places? How much will it cost?) Day5. Edfu-Luxor (Aagin, plan to travel by cruise on Nile from Edfu-Luxor. Is there a such service between these two places? How much will it cost?) Day6. Luxor (Is Luxor worth of staying? What can I see there?) Day7. Luxor-Cairo (Plan to go by night sleeping train again from Luxor-Cairo.) Day8. Cairo Day9. Cairo Day10 Cairo Day11 Flying home


Country: Egypt


hi again ...
once u step in cairo try to ask bout ramsis railway station from there u can get all the train tickets u want and its 100/100 secure ...
Luxor of course worth to visit and do a nile cruise on the River Nile dear .. its amazing hope u enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyy
What a nice plan that you begin and ends with cairo ..
about the service nile cruse will cost you a little bit much if it was luxurious ... anyway have fun in your visit to cairo and if you need anyhelp just let me know

my email is
Hey Jennifer,
Speaking abt Cairo.. I would advise visiting
1- The Pyramids
2 - Egyptian Museum in ElTahrir
3 - The Pharoahan village
4 - Cairo Tower
5 - The Citadel
6 - The Big Egyptian Museum
7 - For Shopping City Stars in Nasr City would be a great idea!
8 - The Coptic Church
9 - Nile Cruise
Now For Train booking for Aswan it is available at Ramsis Railroad station .. If you take the subway take off at Hosny Mubarak Station
The Nile Cruise from Aswan- Edfu is available and from Edfu- luxor cruise is available too.
Definitely, Luxor is worth staying at. You can visit the Karnak Temple, Hatshepsut Temple and Hatshepsut Tomb
Finally, wish you a happy stay at Egypt hunny ..
I will look for the prices part and answer again asap
If you have further inquiries or need a tour guide . feel free to email me at
i think all of them have given you accurate and good info. welcome to egypt
i highly recomend to visit feiala in aswan ;)
Your plan looks good but Luxor has many of the highlights of Egypt so you could maybe spend more time there.
Train ticket is about US$20 for seated and US$60 for sleeper
There are a lot of cruise ships! Service from Aswan to Luxor. I will include a quote for you. If your traveling alone there is also single supplement. Pice includes tours in Aswan and Luxor, all cruises are full board.
I hope you enjoy your trip to Egypt, do not hesitate to contact me if you need any help or information.
I'm interested in 4days 3ngiths cruises from Aswan to Luxor. Can you quote me on a single occupancy? Am thinking of doing it on the 8th or 9th of March, any availabliity on those days?!
Hi Jennifer
how r ya? i hope u could enjoy what r u looking for.......
As all these guys told u, you could visit all these places but u need to a friendly and lovely guide ;)
so u can contact me on skype: karimgammal or on facebook: Karim el gammal,,,,,,,,,,,i'll be there for u
Good Luck.
Hi Jennifer, welcome to Egypt !
You can buy the tickets for the sleeping train in 2 places, at the main railway station in Ramses square and at the Giza train station where you can also board the train at 8 p.m.
The cruise from Aswan to Luxor is quite expensive and there will be an additional fare for single passenger
Depending on your budget, you can do it on a felucca or on a motor boat which is much cheaper with more freedom as you can stop wherever you like. I myself, possess a motor boat based in Aswan that you can rent with a captain and a helper if you wish.
It is really worthed to spend some time in Luxor to see at least, the Luxor temple, the Karnac temple and the valley of the Kings.
In Cairo, The Pyramids of Giza and Sakkara, Egyptian museum, The souk Khan el khalily and Bab zuela, etc..
I have an airconditioned car and can provide transportation if you contact me.
Thanks for the information. I still couldn't quite decide what I'm going to do as there are so many suggestions from all you good helpers. Felluca or motor boat sounds great too, but how much will it cost a day to rent? Does it only quote on the daily basis? Am thinking about doing the cruise trip, only becasue it includes the boarding, so I don't have to worry about looking for accomodation from place to place. If you have more information or suggestion along with quotation for me, I'd love to hear.
look uwanna spend lovely for days in cairo ucan do alot ofthings
first ofcourse visit the pyramids and sphinx and ride horse or camel
second visit egyptian museum that have alot of mummies uwill like it then u can visit the citadel
third u can have aatrip in nile at night and c alot of wonder places if ulike shopping uhave alot of places but the best one is city stars it's abig mall in cairo the biggest one
and ofcourse uwill visit elhussien and khan elkhlilil
about me ihave aplace non one can go with u to it wait u if ulike and welcome to egypt
HI dear,

i got some information for your trip:

1) There are new regualtions for the sleeping treain you must know, the ticket which cost 60$ per way is when you share another stranger in the same cabin but if you want a single cabin then the price will be 120$.

2) For the Nile cruise there are cruises sailing from Aswan to Luxor for 3 nights passing by major sites in between (Komombo - Edfu), prices varies between (180$ for 3* up till 300$ for deluxe 5*)

3) Luxor worth spending time there as there are more sites than the ones you will visit with the Nile cruise such as: Madinat Hapu, nobels tombs, Ramasium,Danadara, Abydous,..

4) As for your stay in Cairo here are the sites really worth visiting such as: Saqqara, Giza Pyramids, Egyptian Musuem, Citadel of Saladin, Old Cairo

in case you need any extra information you can visit this link on my website:

take care
Nahla Teema
Are you saying if I join the Nile cruise trip, it won't cover all the sites in Luxor? I'll still have to find time to explore Luxor by myself?!
look if u sure of that ok iam free but just wanna make contact with u to can arrange everything like the cruiser trip from aswan to luxor and to reserver the ticket for u all of that this my mail if ulike send me on it
ofcourse uwill have enough time to do that because when that stop in luxor they let for u enough time to visit the city and temples ans some of this let u have atour guide
if you want i can tailor a package for you,i just want to know if you will come alone or withsombody else,and concerning guiding it will be ok with english guide or no?
Hi, In cairo you should visit the pyramids, the egyptian museum, the citadel.
You can go by train to aswan and buy the ticket from ramsees station.
From Aswan to Edfu you could go by felucca: when you are in Aswan just have a look for some travellers that want to go felucca also and share with them the cost of the felucca, than by the nile you can hire one
From edfu to luxor by bus
In luxor you can visit the valley of the queens, the valley of the kings, Hachepsut temple, Luxor temple
return to cairo by train
Hi Jennifer,I can see that my colleges helped u well and gave u very good informations but i advise u to go to Sharm El-Shiekh,Hurghada and Dahab instead of staying 3 days in Cairo before the departure,they r really awesome places and u will enjoy there every moment, anyway ur welcome in every where in Egypt.
hi Jennifire
RealLy iT iS wOnDeRfUL tRiP
LuxOr dESeRvEs 2 VISiT iT iT hAS MaNy PlAcEs
KArNaK Temple
LuxoR TeMpLe nIcE hOtElS WiTh BeAuTiFUL VIeWs oVer nILes
OvER AlL U WiLl eNjOy thE WoNdERfuL suN
aNd WaRmY wEaTHer
u Can RiDE hAnToUr WhIcH iS thE mAiN wAy Of TraNsPoRTaTioN thERE iT Is HoRse WiTH itS cArT
u cAN WaLk OVer THe CIty And BUY maN aNtIqUes
U wIlL See the nIcE smile ANd WArmY welcome OF EGYPTIANS
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Dear Jennifer,

the offers i can give you will be in Cairo only.

I offer you in day1: Airport pick up transportaion to the hotel or other destination by private 4x4 car. cost $30

Day2: Booking your train seat or sleeping bed
Cairo - Aswan train schedule:
Daily: (12:30AM Arrive 12:40PM) (7:30AM Arrive 8:45 PM) (11:00AM Arrive 12:15 AM) (6:45PM Arrive 7:00AM) (9:00PM Arrive 9:20 AM) (10:00PM Arrive 10:10AM).

Tickets price:
First Class: 110 L.E (Approx. $20)
Secound Class: 60 L.E (Approx. $11)
Sleeping Bed: 230 L.E (Approx. $42)

Plus picking you up from the hotel or house to the train terminal.
Service cost: $30

Day7: Pick up transportation from train terminal to hotel or house by private 4x4 car. cost $30

Day8,9,10: you can choose from my tourist programs in Cairo, (Visiting pyramids, museum, night spots, farms, tour in downtown, Shopping, ETC...) and many other programs you can choose.
for more details about any of these programs & prices, contact me.

Day11: pick up transportation from hotel or house to airport by private 4x4 car. cost $30

Contact Information:

Tel.(+2)0111 225 181
hey dude dats will be nice trip but my advice to u is to visit sharm or hurghada as they r da best places in egypt ..from da best places allover da world u must do that
All your plans are very good but there are many places you should visit it such as Sharm El Sheikh,Hurgada,Alexandria and Giza,i wish you will interesting in Egypt.
you got alot of answers so there is no more to say else have fun
hi that is good plan and the ticket of train his cost 50 L.E i think
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