going to Paradisus PLaya Conchal in April. Looking for great zip line tour.(canopy) found but it is 3...

...hrs away. looking for high, long zip lines and waterfalls or something great sight seeing. any suggestions?


Country: Costa Rica


Hello! is exciting to know that you come to Costa Rica, we have many beautiful things to teach you here, my name is Jonathan, there are many zip line tours you can do, some have more cables than others, some have a combination of activities such as hourse back riding, tubing among other things, and some are between 15 minutes to 2 hours, which are at 2 hours you will see semi-active volcanoes in Guanacaste, (name of the province where the Paradisus Conchal) I have 7 years of working as a tour guide and I would love let me show you the beauty of this area, my idea of tours is not a tourist, is to be part of our culture and have fun! I am opening a session on facebook, if you want to see the comments of people who have taken tours and see some photos buscame as explorer.costarica @ , I can take you to the tourist destinations and a discount if you send an email, any info with mucho gusto!
Hi there. Coincidence or not you have reached the brother of the guy that does the majority of the canopies for Costa Rica. I am Carlos Mora brother to Lionel Mora Cavallini. My brother is an expert class triple a for doing canopys. Concerning the location of Paradisius Hotel there are a couple of places that I most definetly recommend. #1 is located in the area of Rincon de La Vieja. It is known as Los Canones. I.e. the canons. This is an extreme canopy for advance people but also newbies can participate, with the assistance of a canopist. The other place is close to you. It was also made by my brother. It is called Sendero El Congo or the Congo Trail. This one is located in Otarola de Santa Cruz. Everyone knows about it. Finally my all time favorite is located in Monteverde. Which is about 3 hours from your place roughly. It is called selvatura. You can look through it on the internet. They have a jump called the Tarzan Swing which is original to them.
Many companies have taken the same name but the difference with this one is that it is located in the tropical cloud forest while the others are in tropical dry forest. If you are thinking of coming in lets say the next couple of months it is typically the hottest months of my country. So a change in location is extremely good is you wish to follow my advice. However you may also consider doing both.
Wish you the best of all lucks with both places. You, I am sure, will be lured to the fantastic scene of canopy
thank you for the suggestions. My husband and I went to Maui last Oct and experienced the Piiholo Ranch Zipline. Loved it. We wanted something more than Maui. Longer and higher wire ropes. As I searched the internet i found so many ziplines in Costa Rica. Makes me weary as to what brand wire rope they used. Dont want to go on a cheap wire rope!!! We will have a group of about 10 total. the other women do not want to drive 3 hrs. so I will look at the 2 closest you suggested. Thank you for your help. One more question: We are going fishing! What's the chance of me catching sail fish or Marlin in April?
Haver you tried looking at Hacienda Guachipelin's Canyon Canopy tour and waterfalls near Rincon de la Vieja Volcano National park? Their website: . Approx 2 -2 1/2 hrs away from Paradisus Conchal Hotel.

Pura Vida!
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