Where do locals in Brazil find Acai berry?

Im over in Hawaii and I am looking to travel to Brazil to research the culture and learn where the locals harvest the Acai Berry. This is where we get ours from I think its very good I would like an opinion from a native to the land from where the Acai Berry comes from. Aloha Brad


Country: Brazil


Brad, in Brazil you find Acai in every corner at the cheapest prices.. It's traditionally served in bowls with cereals and chopped banana and it's called "Acai na tigela". You can also have the Acai juice. You've probably heard that this fruit has lots of calories and is a very natural source of energy.
Hey Bradd u have a quite nice website, the acai berries are in Belem do Para in the north of Brazil but there is another type of tree (palm tree) with the same fruit but it is called Jussara and you can find on the coast of the Southeast- UBATUBA by the way i have a website for travelers (my own busisness) at if u need any help in Rio do not hesitate to contact me;
They are primarily grown in the Amazon region. If you are looking for a supplier you might like to start a search with the trade promotion agency SEBRAE. They have agencies in most major cities and for sure will have one in Manaus the capital of the Amazon region.
well the açai is from belem - pará, you can find açai in every corner but the taste is not the same.
the most delicious açaí you only can find in Belém
Acai in Para has the worse taste ever..

Try acai in Rio, Sao Paulo and Salvador.. they r the best...

Acai is from Para but the other States improved it..
Hello, Brad.
It is very easy to find açai in Brazil. Although not all taste good. There is a brand of frozen açai/ açai juice that taste just terrible! (açaito, keep this name on mind to dont try it). The best is go to a place that just offer açai intead of buy it at the supermarket or in places like that.
do you have to go to Belem in Para State to find out all that do you need about to research culture and learn where the locals harvest the Açai Berry (to eat only.... do you can do this anywhere around the country, with manys fruits and others thinks like castanha do Pará, etc.) but I am sure that do you want more than that and to find out where are all your answers about that Açai Berry you have to be in
Amazon (Manaus) or in Pará (Belém)States, ok., let me know what do you want more, mate.
It can be find at Northeast,although there is some rumors theres not that good eating acai if u think how the collect it from trees any small insect call fall on it,that is a bug called Barbeiro,and it causes illness.Im not trying to scared u just saying.
Thats a good thing to do dear Brad! Researching cultures and learning new things about other nations and races! umm the info i can provide u with is that, the Acai berry has mostly been harvest in the north of the country ( especially in the Para State) where it is mostly consumed aswell. I heard once that this is due to the good condition the berry finds in that part of the country, weather and soil wise.
Hope this helps, best regards!

you can find acai everywhere in brazil. but famous places are amazonia and belem. just open yuor eyes on the market and you'll se acai berrys more as you like. Ask anywhere for a juce and you'll get it....

if you want further information about acai... don't hesitate to ask me.

Dear Brad,
I agree that you should go to Belem at Pará State to see more details about Açai and the cultural and industrial aspects involved. You can get straight flights from Miami to Manaus (city in the heart of amazon region. From there you can get a flight to Belem. You can also get straight flights from Miami( AA) or Atlanta ( Delta) that come into Brazil through Recife ( capital for Pernambuco state) and this is in Northeast Region of Brasil. From there you can also get flights to Belem. With this last option you get to see two very different regions in Brasil. Best time of the year to be in the Northeast in from September to February when we have summer here.
There have been outbreaks in 86 cities of Pará açaí and producing a high rate of deforestation.
Chagas's disease progressed in the last year in the Amazon region, an area previously considered free of the problem, and in oral form, which is related to consumption of contaminated food, such as açaí and sugar cane - and not the transmission by bites of insect. More than one hundred cases of acute illness which can affect the heart and kill, were registered, most in Pará, the consumption of açaí. Pasteurized products (industrial) offer no risk. By Fabiane Leite, O Estado de S. Paulo, 28/04/2008.

The Center for Strategic Information in Health Surveillance in the Ministry of Health, which monitors outbreaks and emergencies, as the cases of acute Chagas' disease as one of the most common in the country over the past two years. There are also suspicions in Piauí and Bahia.

Since 2006, the form of oral transmission is now considered by the relevant health bodies. Until then, the concern was only with the transmission vector, the bite of the insect known as barber (Triatoma) contaminated by protozoan causing the disease, which usually infest the homes of victims. In oral transmission, the insects or their feces are contaminated ground or processed into food eaten raw.

"The strategy now is different, the barber is not domiciled, the region is not killed and a number of other triatomines involved. We still do not know what is the factor that can explain this, it is the food or the vector. There is a question mark. It is a disease that never had, which changed its epidemiological pattern, "says the coordinator of the surveillance of vector-borne diseases from the Ministry of Health, Rosely Cerqueira.

She notes that, coincidentally, in 2006 the country had received certificates for having eliminated the transmission of a type of barber. A year before, in 2005, however, was the first outbreak of oral transmission, which gained prominence in the country, after the consumption of soup-de-contaminated sugar cane in Santa Catarina. The State has not register cases later.


The ministry and the State Department of Health of Pará indicate problems in the handling of food in general and deforestation as possible causes of the progress of the disease. In 86 municipalities in Pará listed as priorities for the disease (60% of cities in the state), there are incentives for the production of the açaí, and changes in environmental conditions, favoring the invasion of houses by the barber or attacks in the open air and contamination of food.

Last year, the Pará recorded 87 acute cases - only the treble are compulsory notification - against 83 in 2006 and 10 last year. Most were related to contamination of açaí. This year, there have been ten cases recorded. The mortality rate varies from 4% to 7%, which the government paraense related to delay in diagnosis. Patients come to expect more than a month the result of tests, despite the risk of the disease is not treated quickly become chronic.
Hi Brad,
In São Paulo, you can find Acai Berry everywhere. In convenience's gas station, places like Lan houses where guys get together to play games, in places where you can buy some fruits called "feiras" the Açaí over here is called "Açaí na Tigela", it's served with strawberry or bananas, or any fruit you want.
If you have any question about S. Paulo, let me know, may be I might help you!
Dear Brad,
Açaí is very popular in Brazil. You can find in almost every juice house we have. The most popular one is Bibi Sucos. You can find it in Barra da Tijuca, Lebon and Copacabana. Açaí is a fruit from the north of Brazil. You will love it.
The Acai berry is mostly found in the Amazons. As you probably know, locals get the pulp out of the fruit and freeze it as soon as they collect it because it quickly goes bad. If you are looking for it just as a snack, you can get it any any restaurant all over Brazil, its delicious!
Hi Brad, howzit ?
As you heard from my colleague, açai is very trendy nowadyas, other good thing, is very healthy, energetic and even taste good.
You can check about it at
Ask for Marcelo.

Hello sweetie!
In Rj u can find açai in each corner!!!
Its very cheap and delicious!!!
Just love your website!
The North is the land of Açaí. The Amazon region has that common fruit and most dishes (sweet or not) have it. A good place to visit is Belém do Pará and sorroundings. If you go there and ask for an "açaí-tour" you probably will manage one.
Acai is from the Amazon region, which is a huge area. I have seen acai harvesting sites near Belem and near Macapa. I know someone who harvests and exports it. If you are interested, I can send you the contact.

My name is hyson i will be coming to brazil in 2 weeks if you still have the contact details for the person that harvests and exports it i would love to meet or talk with them my email is

thanks alot where are you living in brazil?
Well the best acai are in the Amazon (Manaus and Belem) and there eat with shrimps and other salty stuff, here in the south part of brasil (Rio de Janeiro) we like it more sweet like with banana and honey and other sweet things .. Guess u must try both way.. See u around Dani
As many people said, the best place to find tasteful açaí is the Amazonia, so the main cities: Belém and Manaus. A good tip, what many people even in Amazonia haven't taste yet: if you decide to come to Belém, you can try to look for the white açaí (açaí branco), that is not really white, but green. It's very tasteful and cream.
You can only find acai berry in the Amazon (from Maranhao to Acre), you should go to Belem or Manaus to see the original plant and how it's harvested. You won't find it anywhere else in Brasil. In Rio, Sao Paulo or anywhere else but the Amazon you will only find: acai juice and pulp, but not the berries nor trees.

yes, it's good and in brazil you find it everywhere, even at the backery. Why do you care where it's harvested? do you want to start an acai company too? Well, if you do, threat your Brazilian employees not as cheap people to abuse but fairly. I am saying that because many foreigners and not that start a company in the country side and give work to poor people, often threat them like shit, with low salary, not health insurance and so on. It's just a warning not an accuse. OK?
Acai,,, yes as the other said you find it every corner of brasil ,, but if you are heading to amazon and belem Region then will be so hard to find the same way they prepare in other states of brazil. actuly Acai cames from amazon region and originaly is not sweet the ppl in thi region use acai to cook and there are dishes like fish and acai!! chrimps with Acai , you can tast it in Belem, but in south you find it ice-cream-like acai with chaped banana, honey and etc ,,, actuly acai has a Lend which say. there was a tribe which was sturving because of no food, and the casiqu of the tribe ask to sacrify child for gods to have the animals and food back , it doesnt work till it comes the time of his own grand doughter when they kill her, her gir (mother of the chiled) goes crazy and start to cry till she goes bline her name was IACA and one nigh she open her eyes and saw her little child so she just hug her, in the morning the tribe find IACA huging a palm tree and looking upward for the fruits ,,, which for them was a sign , so they start to colect that fruit and discovering the ACAI ,,, they gave the name of ACAI , actuly because of the girl which calle IACA,
this led has been told by the tribe them self I havnt read it any where else, hope you use it
The Açaí Berry that is found in every corner is garbage. I am from Pará, native state to where Açaí Berry is found in its natural habbitat. These things that people sell all over the country is nothing, NOTHING, compared to the real deal.

Imagine drinking Orange soda when you were expecting to drink orange juice.

Brazil is the country to feel ALIVE. In absolutely all specifics of the word. If you want to sleep and relax, close your shades, save a few bucks and stay home.

Brazil is about LIVING. Brazil is about excursions to the deep jungle, waterfalls that take your breath away, exotics fruits that are compared to sex, live music that takes your body to new heights, endless dunes to endless jungles, endless women in our endless beaches.

IF you want to feel alive.


Not the Brazil on a brouchure ... THE REAL BRAZIL THAT ONLY A LOCAL CAN

for more info.

take care.
The acai berry come from Belém do Pará a amazing brazilian city but is avaiable in several places(Restaurants,Quiosques,Shoppings,Bar) It's very popular fruit in Brazil!
Hi Brad, although nowadays Açai is grown in different parts of Brazil, it is traditionallly from the state of Pará.
yeah! People who answered are correct. Acai berry comes from Para. But we can buy it in the market, a lot of cities sell this fruit.
Harvest is usually done in rural areas. Exception may be in Pará state, where I know there are crops of açaí palm. Fresh fruits can be seen in central markets of Amazonia capitals like Belém (Mercado Ver-o-Peso) or São Luís (Mercado da Praia Grande) or Manaus (Mercado de Ferro).
Would you like to follow the growing process of those threes and harvesting, also transforming it in the final product? maybe planning on buying direct from the producer, import or even growing your own crop? get in touch with me I have some info about it for you if interested, good business.
hi liz
my name is Hyson

pls i am very interested in the acai info you have i will be in brazil in 2 weeks pls email me
belem has a lots of açai palms and in maranhao as well.
For sure you will find Açai Palm Trees mostly in Maranhao, Para and Amazonas State!

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