I'm interested in staying in a homestay in Morocco,need your opinions.

How's the homestay experience in Morocco? Have you stayed in one? I would really like to stay with a Moroccan family and blend with their lifestyle and culture.But I also want to know the begative points.


Country: Morocco


how are you doing? it's soufiane from Morocco and I will be happy to answer your question. I'm from a berber family Moroccan and I already hosted people and they stayed with the family to experience our life and culture and all what we do and we also lean something from people so it's an exchange of culture and i found this way is so good .The negatives are not much and i can not call them negatives because as I've seen by my experience is just there are some moments when you feel that you dont understand what other people talk abuot and you feel alone or you think they talk about you but in real is just a misundertanding because not all people spek english or frnech so you have to find your way to understand people. www . zoufi . com
I actually stayed with an American family for a while when I was in the USA. Believe me it is the best thing to be done if you wanna know more about the culture. I think that staying with a Moroccan family would be great and useful. I think that you should look for an English family speakers so yo will not feel bored and the communication process will be great. At least one in the family. The other thing that you should take care of is to negotiate how much you are going to pay the family if they are going to ask you for money. That`s if you decide to look for a family by your own. If you are going to consult a touristic agency, they will take care of everything of course. I guess that`s it!
P.S look for more info online before doing anything
Good luck and enjoy your stay!
I am Marouane a Moroccan High School senior, I've been an exchange student in the USA and I stayed with an American family it was just the best thing that happened to me and the easiest way to learn about a foreign culture, the language and the life style, I love to host foreign people and I am thinking to start doing it in the next few years.
so I strongly advice u to look for a host family whether on your own or with the help of a travel agency. I also advice u to be hosted in a family where at least one of them speaks English or French( If u speak It )
well no negative points will be applied only the language part but its surely not gonna be a barrier if one member of the host family speaks English.
email me if u need more info:) :
Moroccans are very friendly and one is always made to feel very welcome in their homes. It would be great for you to experience the true traditional Moroccan culture by staying with a family, but I suggest that you arrange this through a reputable agency or at least ask many questions before committing. You should also note that in certain cities Moroccans are not allowed to act as "guides" and might be approached and asked to explain why they are in the company of a "tourist". Not sure if it matters to you, but some of the older Moroccan houses don't have western style toilets, they use the Turkish style "hole in the ground". Choose a family with at least one member that speaks a language which you can understand. Happy holiday in Morocco!!
I think that is a great experience because moroccans are friendly people that make you feel welcome in their homes. It's a really nice if you want to really feel moroccan culture and learn another language. On the downside language can also be hard in the begining so try to find a family with members that you can easily comunicate with.
Hi from Giacomo
I live in the desert pf Sahara
This experience can result really interesting and flood of meanings for you. The hospitality of the Moroccan people is famous. If you want I can talk to a berber family that it lives in a village of the Sahara and they will be happy to welcome you.
The village is a marvelous place but the inhabitants they are poor and you would have the occasion to touch with hand a reality very distant from the comfort of the western world.
To you the decision.
Best regards
hey , im moroccan studying english literature at the university ,it's would be a great honour for me to host u ,just to make things clear ,now im studying , but in summer then u can join me with pleasure , it would be a great experience for u .moroccan are wellknown for thier own legendary howpitality. ur welcome .just ring me on 212+18682820 , have a nice coming .best ragard ,
it's nice idea to learn & know more
& you will find the real meaning of Moroccan family

I've traveled extensively around Morocco for the last 8 years and I can say that staying with local people is a great experience.

1-language matters?

NO. even if there is no possible verbal communication, you can always use sound expressions and gestures. This can be fun and very nice to communicate and understand other people. I often (in the past) stayed in several houses where i couldn't communicate at all.

2-how to stay with locals?

rural areas are full of helpful and welcoming people that if you need to have a night to stay they will invite you to spend the night, give you a place to rest and feed you. its always polite to give some money the next day.

3-going around little villages everywhere in the country make people curious about who you are and often will invite you to drink some tea. this turns out to bring the whole family trying to communicate with you and eventually if it gets late you'll be fed and spend the night and even stay there for a couple of days. they will love it.

good luck!
Yes i'm a Moroccan and i had stay in a Morocco familly in Taroudannt it was an amazing experience to stay somedays with a new familly , In the first you feel a little embarassed but with the time you will use to live with them , If you want come to Agdz you are welcome anytime friend my home is youirsq
All over morocco, specially in the mountains and in the desert, the people are very friendly. They will love to welcome you in their houses to a tea or for a nigth staying.
After one or tow days in morocco you will see how many times you are invited!!!
It is nice to go and you will see that most of the families that invite you are poor. So it is a good attitude to give them some money before you leave. You receive what they have to give you, and you can share what you gave to share.
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Hi , I'm really glad to know u of cours if u want and i'd like to tell that i've a homestay in morocco if u want i'm waiting for your answer
Really morocco is nice and lovely place that u chose and exactly Marrakech.
About moroccon people they're good , they deal well with others , Longanimity.....
If you want to know all moroccan traditional, food answer me :)

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