hi i m planing to traveling Mexico in the month of Dec can,i get a temp job there out?

hi ,i learned from a website that in resort we can get work easily,so plz suggest me what month is best for travelling and about the hostel and hotels etc and any one of u like to take me to a cup of coffee ,so plz respond it


Country: Mexico


I don't know much about this matter, but I don't think it would be difficult. Check with the nearest Mexican Consulate or Embassy for official details. they should know what paper work you need to have done.
hI Vivek,its possible yes to find work,the immigration process is a bit slow here.takes a few weeks time to sort out a work permit,the other option is to come to Mexico with a tourist visa and your employer there has obligation to process your permit in the local immigration office to get it approved.
any questions let me know,good luck
Hi Vivek, i have two answers for your question, first of all to get a job "legally" so to speak, it is very slow because the inmigration and naturalization services are kind of swamped with all the paperwork, but if you apply like 2 months before your trip in your country's Mexicna embassy there shouldnt be any problem in getting an "FM-3" (similar to a temporary green card)...The other part i wanted to tell is that many restaurants, bars, hotels, coffee shops, and food stands take multiple guys without the paperwork because they are not going to be in Mexico for more the 6 months (tops) so there isnt really a problem, for you it should REALLY be easy to get a job like this for many reasons, you seem an honest and nice person, you speak english very well, and you are presentable. Good luck here in Mexico, Fell free to ask me anything else!

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