I am getting married in july and planning a honeymoon to Japan. My wife loves nature, culture and food while i love historical places,...

...architecture etc. We wish to cover the maximum places possible and optimize time. Most of the travel operators quote very high prices which are around 2500 euros per person. the others offer very short trips in less price but we wish to see lots of places and do a longer circuit including some side trips. can u suggest some good tour operator which offers a very competitive price for us. we are looking for 10/11 days. thanks


Country: Japan


You can try to do your own tour by buying a JR Rail pass which allows you to use most bullet trains (except Nozomi) and local JR train lines and buses. I have connections with a reasonable 5-star hotel located in Kobe (an hour from Kansai International Airport), which is a convenient place to start, given its proximity to Kyoto, Osaka and Nara. Kobe has its own charms and is not far from Japan's most famous castle in Himeji. Please feel free to send me a message for more details.
As mentioned by Ms. Nuntica, JR rail pass is a must if you intend to travel by yourself.
But you can forget it if you wish to join tour by tour operator cause transportation is normally included.

To cover more places and make used of your journey, I suggest you separate your journey to 2 parts, Kansai (Weatern Japan) and Kanto (Eastern Japan). Kansai area includes Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Kobe. Kyoto is the famous tourist destination for historical & culture lovers. Kanto area includes Tokyo, Yokohama and other famous spots like Tokyo Disneyland.

You can fly in to Kansai, stay a few days, take Shinkansen (Bullet train) to Kanto, enjoy the city of Tokyo and fly out from Narita.

If you do come during July or August, you should pay a visit to Mt. Fuji, which is accessible only during these two months. Every year, thousands of foreign traveller come during this period just to visit Mt. Fuji.

To find out more or plan for your journey, check out here

To lower your tour operator cost, you might wish to arrange hotel by your own. Join the day trip using a local operator will greatly lower your budget.

H.I.S. One of the largest operator in Japan offers unique tours, ou might want to check it out
Well, you can't go past Kansai for what you want to see and do. With areas such as Kyoto and Nara, you are spoilt for choice. Accommodation wise, you could spend heaps on hotels, which will leave you less for touring/sightseeing. Or you could look at Hostels or business hotels.
I could go-on all day about what to see/do in this area, but, instead I recommend you surf the internet, have a look, jot-down some places you are keen to see, and go from there.
10 - 11-days is just not enough time to see Japan. Even not enough time to see Kansai. You need to experience and get a feeling for the sights and beauty that is Kansai.
I am an outdoor person and I do a lot of hiking. I keep away from the touristy places, nice and beautiful as they are, but those places away from the crowds are even more special.
I won't take-up too much more of your time. Touch-base with me, and I can point you in the direction that may be of interest to you.Go to and search for thedogdosingstrip (that's me) and check-out my trips.
If I don't hear from you, have a great honeymoon, and enjoy Japan.
Thanks for your questions.....With 20yrs exoerience here and I
have attended to many visitors like yours....I can only help you
out if you could be more specific of the places amd sights you
wish to visit.....and for how long you'd like to stay in those areas..
and what type of accommodation you7d prefer....and how much
yen per nite ...would you like to pay for a nights stay...

I can then help you out...this is because all areas have different
scales of charges......I can arrange all your travel here , but as
you are both...on would be best to travel alone..
without the tour...I am right here in Narita....and I can help you
do it yourself....The best way yo see Japan....
I agree with Mr. Wong from Kawaguchi!
Separate your destinations into two. One is Kanto which covers Tokyo, Fuji, Hakone, Nikko, Kamakura, Yokohama. Another one is Kansai which covers Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Nara. If you like adventurous and budget trip, night bus is the cheapest, because you can sleep in the bus while saving the money from staying at the hotels. For accomodation, you may look it up on the net, search for youth hostel. There are many youth hostels all over Japan. The attendants are nice and friendly. Where are you going to land? In Narita Tokyo, or Kansai Airport?
If you are in Tokyo:
1. Asakusa, then go to the river, it is near from Asakusa temple, just walk 5 minutes. Then, ride the boat to Odaiba.
Go to Fuji Terebi tower, go up to the tower, so you may see the 360 degree odaiba and nearby cities. Then go to Tokyo Tower, in the evening, you can see the city lights from the top of Tokyo Tower.
2. Hakone

3. Nikko

4. Kamakura

5. Yokohama
Let me know if you need further help.
just in case you shall be interested that´s my homepage offering accommodation in Osaka.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your search))

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