I'm planning a visit to Egypt... but I'm a student so I have a limited budget... can someone tell the cheapest ways of travel at Egypt...


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Good question! I hope you really enjoy Egypt when you come :-)

Travelling between cities connected by rail is a cheap and pretty reliable way to go, you can find pretty much everything you need to know about travelling by train at , it's a great website. The trains to Aswan do often run late. In fact, if you are travelling by public transport don't cut anything too fine in Egypt. The sad things is that the trains really run up and down the spine (Alexandria to Aswan) and a little out from Alexandria (Marsa Matruh in the west and Port Said to the east). So not everywhere is accessible by train.

Public buses for long distance can also be very reasonable although road travel by bus is considered to be a bit dangerous in Egypt. East Delta, West Delta and Super Jet are the main companies. Some services offer first class seats and the fares are still good, so take it if you can :-) Same applies to the trains, take a first class seat if possible.

There are also ferries, say from Sharm to Hurghada, that cut out a lot of road or rail travel. Some ferries require to be paid in US dollars.

Around Cairo the metro is very cheap and good but again runs basically in a north-south spine so it depends on where you're going as to whether you can use it.

Microbuses are exceptionally cheap but good luck - you need to know where you're going and how to flag them down - there are no set stops. There are a set of hand signals for destinations and a guy on board does sometimes shout out where they're going. Other travellers will help you if you if you can understand each other - Egyptians are friendly like that. Mind you I think the drivers are basically crazy so you'll find it an interesting trip :-)

There are new taxis with set fare rates - really, compared to the west taxis are very cheap. The old taxis have no set fees, make sure that you agree on the fare before you get in and that you pay the agreed fare (give a tip if you want). Taxis will make a journey of pretty much any length in Egypt but usually there are cheaper ways for really long distances.

Finally, tour companies are not as expensive as you might think for either tours or airport and transfers. As well you are guaranteed a modern air-conditioned vehicle with a professional driver and tour companies are very conscious about timing and reliability - their reputation partly rests on it. :-)

THEre's soem general information on our website:

Anyway, if I can be of any more help please let me know
thank you very much .. :)
welcome to Egypt, try to live as the public, do not eat in fancy or touristic restaurants, ride public transportation, stay in youth hostels or cheap hotels, they are every where. eat foul, falafel, and koshry. if you come to alexandria, email me, i might be able to help you
25$... that's not much ... what about daily visits like to Giza.. is it including the price..
thank you .. :)
You Can Come and Stay in a Hostle, Its cheap and it's Down Town so u r gonna be close to every thing.

I know one actually, You can find it's info on it's group on facebook, u can find it under The canadian hostel cairo(Go Tour Egypt). i Guess.

If u wanna more help mail me.
thanks brother .... :)
The cheapest way of travel is on CAMEL :)
then I'll need a seacamel to pass the mediterrenian ... :)
First you to till your budjet.
You may stay at youth hostel ( in Cairo it's location at Manyal- Nile veiw) really cheap accommodation.
get your student I.D with you to get 50% discount at the Pyramids, Musuims.
use public transportation around Cairo.
eat Egyptian food ( reasonable prices,great taste)
at the end try to find any Egyptian student who can speak Turkish to help you around.
you might need around 50 $ day.
thank you very much ...
so are telling me that there're students who talking Turkish ...
woww... nice...
I heard that Cairo also has a Japanese Department at university...
and I'm learning Japanese too ... is there any way to contact with them ...

thanks ...
There is japanese department at cairo university and students in 2nd grade or 3rd grade are dying to practice,anyway my brother in law is japanese tour guide and he could help
by the way learning the arabic numbers just from 1 to 10 will be very good help, if you could eat like average egyptian,i guess 2 euro will be enough daily
thank you very much brother ... :)
the best to contact
Egypt is cheap anyways... where r u from man?
Turkey ...
okay,.. In egypt cheap survival is about egyptian food. for less than 2 euro you can eat breakfast or dinner. Try to learn some words in arabic so people will think you live here and you know the prices,... tourist always pay double or more. For diving or snorkeling in Hurghada I can show you the way,..
try making a friend on facebook frm egypt and tell him/her that u want 2 come 2 egypt ! simple!
u can go stay with him for example and he can take u anywhere > !!
thats the cheapest !
I'll try that ...
first i wish u have a good time in egypt second would you talking with me on mail for alot of detailes ?
Hi, check out this homepage, it might help you:

Have a nice time!
bus and train.
contact me pleae at

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