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I was offered by my company a transfer to our Singapore branch. Before I sign a contract, I want to know if it is expensive to live there? I would need to rent an apartment or condo - how much would that cost? I just want to make sure that my salary would be more than enough.


Country: Singapore


Apartment and condo rentals are not too expensive.. average about a 1/3 of your salary, if you are transferred then your company should also either provide or subsidise your housing for the immediate transfer period.

Basic accom can be had for about $350-500 (Shared flat)
or up for about $2500 for a serviced apartment for a month.
Location is important as well as you would probably want something close to your workplace or on the nearest MRT line.

Cheers and hope ya find something.. :)
Whats your budget? I do rentals. Email me at
Food is pretty cheap if you're not picky - about $3 for a bowl of noodles at the hawker centre. At a decent restaurant, the minimum you would spend for a main is about $20.
As for housing, if youre closer to town it's definitely more expensive.
I disagree : COst of Living is high. I am a Asian Traveller.

What you can do to lowers cost??

1. Is to prepare your own lunch and bring it to work. Drink your own coffee or provided by Company./

2. In CBD, Orchard -Upmarket modern places, it is very expense. It is ridiculours.

In a local market, A bowl of noodels can range $2.00 to $2.50, In clementi Special Take out chicken rice is $1.50.

Know your food sources, : Local cheap markets, Not all will give you special pricing. Ntuc. COld storage is very expensive. Try the NTUC in HDB Towns old estates.

Places to live : Live centrally. A feedle bus make sure there are a few, to mrt Station. i like the East west line, cause it is locate in such a way there are busses to Orchard road.

Apartments are very expensive. Condos far are very cheap, but dont be like me, wake up in the 5.30pm, and go to work.
That is the price you pay for staying far.

Your transport in town to work should not cost you $120 by bus and Mrt. When you transfer from Bus to MRT, you get a lesser fare. Overall in a month, is evident.

Taxis are very expensive now. And jams, you could be paying $40 for a simple trip from Yishun to Orchard. at am peak hours. so dont be fooled.

You would have to do a through expense calculation.

I run through this method in high cost living. with persistence you make it.!!
Cost of living in Singapore is pretty high compared to the rest of Asia. It is definitely lower than Tokyo and Hong Kong. Perhaps you can balance the opportunities here vs. what you have at home and weigh for yourself if working here is worth the exposure versus what you already have.

The other thing that you need to check is if you will be here for more than 183 days, if you are based in other part of Asia for most part of your relocation here, then the other savings will come in the forms of tax. Personal income tax is comparatively low in Singapore.

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