What is the cheapest fare, and least complicated; air or road, from Chicago IL to Salt Lake City, UT

I got a ticket to the USA, my intended destination was Salt Lake City, UT however the cheapest fare to a destination nearest SLC was to Chicago, IL. From there I need to connect by air or bus, in order to get to Salt Lake City. What is the most hassle free means of doing this, considering cost, as well as convenience? Please advice?


City: Chicago

State: Illinois

Country: United States


From Chicago, the cheapest travel would be by Greyhound intrastate bus service. Their schedule offers a few express services directly to Salt Lake City.Local routes are also available and cost the same. The main terminal is downtown, Chicago. Service is comfortable and safe. Coaches are restroom equipped and service allows for meal stops and driver changes. Luggage rides below you and is free.

Plane would be much more expensive and demands travel to and from airports. Use Southwest airlines. They have an excellent record and the best prices.

There is bus service from your airport to the downtown area.
Hey Ray,
Thanks for the info, I have done a little research on the net, I even have a map of chicago, the closest greyhound bus terminal from O'Hare international airport; is on cumberland avenue, is cumberland avenue in down town chicago?

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