I am planning to go for a hiking trip in Wadi Mujib in April. Do I need to do anything beforehand like let RSCN know and book the trip...

...with a guide (at least that's what they claim on the website: "All bookings must be made at least before a week prior to the booking date.") or is it ok if a just show up in the morning? That's the website I am referring to:


Country: Jordan


Hi Andras, it is very nice to hear you are going for Wadi Mujib trekking. My experience there is you come to visitor's center and take the guide, they are local people and it is best way you go with guide. However, maybe they are asking reservation because English speaking guide might not be available when you arrive. In that case I would follow their advise and make reservation. Happy travel and welcome to Jordan.
Faleh, many thanks for your answer. I am already back from my Jordan trip, and I have to say it is an amazing country! I am sure I will go back soon. As for Wadi Mujib, we spent a great day there trekking on the Siq trail to the waterfall. The Siq trail is an non-guided trail, all you have to do is pay the entrance fee at the Visitor's Center. Two more trails were open, and they were guided ones and both require in advance reservation via RSCN. Thanks again!
welcome, and yes sure u can just show up, but its better 2 go with guide and group
to make sure they ld help u, have fun..
Dear Andras,

Most amazing thing to do is to go hiking in Jordan, there is many trials and canyons for hiking, and the most amazing hiking canyon is Mujib.

I do really wait to hike wadi mujib every year specialy after winter when they open it in April, each year something changes inside the lower 1.5km gorge, but you must notice that even the RSCN wont be sure when they will open it for visitors, they are sometimes late for safety issues.

regarding the booking, there is many trials in wadi mujib, there is a lower gorge from mujib bridge at dead sea, amazing 1.5km takes almost 2 to 3 hrs to reach the 20meter waterfall and get back, which dosent need a guide or booking, go direst to visitors center at the location.

the other trials are longer and cost much more and you will abseil the 20meter waterfall with ropes and professional guides.

I have a group on facebook called "Explore Jordan" we have a Hungarian tour guide called Mrs. Eva Simai, some company would make the hike more beautiful.. there is many amazing canyons at dead sea rift, and there is alot of trials some in forests in the north and some trials around petra and rum.

hope you enjoy your stay in Jordan.

Arslan, M.
Murad, thanks for the info! Back from Jordan, truly enjoyed every moment of it! Three trails at Wadi Mujib were open and we took the Siq trail, the one that you mentioned that did not require guide. It was a moderately difficult trail, with lots of water and some difficulties to cross certain rocks, but eventually we reached the waterfall. Amazing!

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