What shots do we have to get to visit Morocco?

I'm traveling from US and planning to go this Sep. I want to know what shots I should get before I go?


Country: Morocco


You are not required to have any shots before visiting Morocco. Do bring mosquito repellent with you as there are mosquitos in some areas during the summer months. Alternatively you can also purchase the repellent locally if you find that you need it. Enjoy your visit to Morocco!!
According to WHO reports Morocco is safe with regards to known 'African' diseases. As September, is a month during which temperatures can start dropping considerably in the evenings you may want to get a shot against flu just as a precaution.On the other hand,the drugs used here go by European names and labels. If you're taking some medicine on a regular basis it is preferable to bring some extra just to feel comfortable with what you're familiar with.Otherwise, there are pharmacies almost everywhere in the country and when you're a traveling foreigner pharmacists are even more helpful than usual.
well sir,
i'm grateful to hear from u ,u know morroccan are well known for their legendary ,so first of all u gotta book u're plane's ticket in schedule airline so that u will assure ur seat, and let me know ur coming time, then i'll arrange everything so u're a guest. so i'm going to be like ur traveloperater.(morrocan authorities need only ur passport,no green card or visa). so don't hesitat to visit morrocco; a sunny beaches where u can get tanned in few days
You need any shots ; just take with you your own medecines
Have a nice trip in Morocco
tu na pas besoin de prendre des cartes par contre essaye de ramener avec toi un le guide des routard ou quelque chose comme ├ža,
You dont need any shots for Morocco. Just make sure your normal shots are up to date and drink bottled water and be careful of salads. Eat food on the square which is bubbling not sitting around and dont drink the orange juice from the carts on the square.
No shots needed when you're visiting Morocco. Just bring with your medicines if you're taking any.

Environmental conditions are changing depending on the places you are going to visit, get a bug spay to prevent insects bites since these can transmit infections.
You can do without these shots in Morocco, but it's always good to be safe than sorry, so taking these won't make your visit look green anyway lol.

have a nice trip.
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just your normal shots (you know what you have to bring in your own travels) & that will be enough
In Morocco there is mny hospitals and you dont need to bring anythings just if you want go to desert friend , But you have the choise to bring you shots or not
In Morocco there is mny hospitals and you dont need to bring anythings just if you want go to desert friend , But you have the choise to bring you shots or not
You dont need any special shots to visit morocco.
I only advise you to get some vitamins before you go, just because the food is a bit different.
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you don t need any shots before coming to morocco.

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