we have the a website for tour and safaris and our company is registered. but we have never recieved a single visitor for the last 6...

...month.we try to employ marketers but after few months of paying them wages no bussiness comes in. am asking you expart where do we go wrong and what can we do to get visistors and improve our bussiness before its too late.


Country: Kenya


Try out the leads capture page in your website and also try marketing your company using the social media,it will help drive traffic to your website.If you are interested,please contact me,i will show you the way.
thanks .drop an email nor phone if you dont mind.
What you need is an internet marketing expert. Incase you are interested you can contact me
My advise is for you to get the right people with right qualifications. Experience is also very important.
Been a tour and travel operator is very tricky, u need to be very organized, the first thing to do is to create a good networking the countries where tourist come from, u need to have friends if not an office in those countries to source you customers

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