Which hot springs should we visit from Tokyo?

Please suggest some good hot springs we can visit from Tokyo as a day trip. How long will it take to reach and what other things can we do in those areas? Please also let me know the cost for the day trip.


City: Edo

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


Hi. many people? if u like to see cherry blossome then maybe beging of April. or I could take u guys a big park .the name is "Umino nakamichi" they has a aquarium too:) and big rose or flower garden and lil zpp too:) i have a car. and i can take u guys anywhere as much as possible.
If you have a car or access to one Hakone is best, there are many hot springs, museums and shopping in this area, you can see Mt. Fuji and visit Lake Ashinoko, if you go by train to here (Odakyu Line from Shinjuku) 90 mins. you'll will need to use a bus which really limits your ability to see very much.

Your next choice is The Izu area, Most people go to Atami or Itoh using the Tokaido Line from Tokyo Station or Shinagawa Station 80-90mins. $10-15/person one way.
once you arrive, everything is in walking distance but there
are a lot of hills, mostly hot spring and shopping only in this area but it is a really nice place and it is near the sea.

expect to spend about $20-30/person on transport
about $10-15/person for hot spring entrance.
lunch is up to you but on average $10-20/person will cover you.

Have a great trip.
You might also want to try the hot springs in Nikko. It is a famous historical area and the scenery is lovely, so you could do something else beside going to hot springs.

Traveling costs would reach about 50$ to 100$ per person, depending of which type of train you choose.
Entrance costs would be around 5$/person.

If you are interested only in hot springs, there is also an option inside Tokyo, but that could be a bit pricey. It is a famous Hot Spring House. This is their website, just in case:

Hope this helps you out.
Oedo Onsen
Access: Take the Yurikamome Monorail to Telecom Center Station it is about a 2 min. walk.
Entrance Fee: 2827, (food is separate), After 6pm 1987, After 2am 1575.
Business Hours: 11am - next morning 9am (last entry is at 7am)
In the building you will be allowed to choose from many different Yukkatas, summer kimonos. The inside is a reconstruction of an Edo Period Town, and therefore you should wander around to get a taste of it. As for the baths there are many different kinds. For just women there are 17 types. There is also a footbath, which is about 50m long. This is to help relax the soles of your feet. It has different methods of massaging your tired feet while you walk along it.

Tokyo Dome Onsen La Qua
Access: Take Tokyo Metro to Suidobashi Station or Korakuen Station about a 1-3min walk.
Entrance Fee: 2565, if you use it from midnight - 6am 1890
Business Hours: 11am - 9am (next morning)
The natural onsen water comes from 1700m below this establishment. Adopting engineering components from all over the world there are 4 rooms that are available for the use of those over 18 years of age. The Ooeki bath is an open-air bath with a very fashionable feel to it. At night it is lit up. This is a perfect way to relax after walking around a busy city all day.

Toshimaen Hot Water Garden
Access: Take Seibu-Ikebukuro Line or Toei Oedo Line to Toshimaen Station it will be about a 2 min. walk.
Entrance Fee: The onsen is located in the middle of Toshimaen Park; therefore you have to pay 1000 to enter the park plus 2250 to use the onsen.
Business Hours: 10am-5pm (the hours are flexible depending on the season)
Junior High School Students and older may use the facility. Amongst the nature and the peaceful environment you will find it very easy to relax here. As for unusual baths they have a pool that uses salt from the Dead Sea. Besides indoor and outdoor baths there are other baths in which you need to wear a bating-suit. There is a jacuzzi where you can sit and enjoy the scenery of a Japanese-style garden.

Ropppongi Zaboo Onsen
Access: Take the Hibiya Line to Roppongi Station, and it will be about a 2 min. walk
Entrance Fee: 2880 (for first time visitors only there is an additional 550 fee to become a member)
Business Hours: 10:30am-9am (next morning, last entry at 7am)
This spa located in the heart of the city near Roppongi Hills shopping complex. After walking around Roppongi Hills and the Mori Art Museum, how about relaxing your body at a spa. This spa is not the fanciest Japanese spa, however it is a good place to go for a good price.

Jindaiji Onsen Yukari
Access: Take the Keio Line to Chofu Station from Chofu Station there is a free shuttle bus, which takes about 10min.
Entrance Fee: 1650
Business Hours: 10am - 10pm
Jindaiji Onsen is located near a temple. The complex is Feng shui meets a Japanese style onsen. Relax and enjoy the greenery in a Japanese style way. The author of a famous phantom themed book Gegege no Ointaro is said to have been born here. Close by there is also the Onitaro Tea House. There are also many good souvenir shops. After shopping here your feet will most certainly deserve a rest.
Many localytes have already mentioned Nikko, Hakone, Izu, and some in Tokyo. There are many onsens located in the Tochigi area, like Nasu.
Here is a list of onsens that might interest you.

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