As a future local member in Thailand... Is it hard to learn your languange? Can you please teach me some few basic words, phrases or...

...sentences that I could not live without... those commonly used words or phrases at least. Thank you so much for helping me out. God bless you all


Country: Thailand


Hello Lee
Your question is a good one. Yes it is extremely difficult to learn to speak Thai language. All languages in the world are based on words, not in Thai. This language is based on sounds. There are five different tone levels for each word.You know the word, say the tone wrong and you could get a smack for being rude? It is advisable that when you come here, you enrol in a good language school and learn the language properly. There are no shortcuts ok?
Just remeber to say Krap after every sentance if you are a man and Ka if you are a lady. Always smile and wai. Wai, placing your two hands palm together, held at chin level, bow your head and then smile again. That is better than the spoken word. Also never ever swear in thai or any other language, especially at officials and never speak of the King or Royal household. Never use a loud voice, always speak softly.
This will be your guide until you get here, then it is off to language school for you.
Be well.
It was really a GREAT HELP to me... thanks for your wonderful advice
My pleasure Lee.
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