Is Thailand still a safe place to go to??? Especially it has some political turmoil this past few weeks. I have an scheduled plad two...

...weeks from now going to Bangkok. Will the riots and political problems be solved before my scheduled flight on mar 23??? I am praying for this problem to be solved as well.


Country: Thailand


This weekend Bangkok will definitely not be a safe place. The political problems will most likely not be solved, when you are estimated to arrive, however the worst might be over by then. Watch the international news and those specifically about Thailand. Be flexible with your arrival schedule and monitor the situation closely.
If you take a look at the web forums from the relatively unbiased analysts you will see that they consider it to be mainly political just one political group trying to discredit another. There's no more chance of violence than with any big crowd such as a rock concert or a big football match and if there are any incidents it will be localised. At worst there may be a few hassles in Bangkok such as roads being closed. Don't cancel your trip, just go somewhere outside of Bangkok. Remember that Thai people are very peaceloving and there have never been any attacks targetted at foreigners.
Hi Lee. No the political problems will be far from over. The Thai nation is torn between haves and have-nots. Reds shirts against yellow shirts.
This weekend of the 12 to 14, will tell us more of what is going to happen. It could be another coup to oust the present government.
The situation could be either peaceful or very violent, this is the last time the Thai people will have to settle their differences.
Keep praying for a solution, that is all I can say.
Thailand the land of smiles is in a little problem period.
Check with your local embassy in Bangkok.
You can go to the TOT site to see if you want trip insurance.
Where are you going in Thailand?
Scan your passport and other credit card info and send it to yourself in case you lose it.
We don't know but hope all will be safe.
I think it is still be safe to come here . You can avoid the problem area and still enjoy Bangkok and other places in Thailand. If you are not sure , by pass Bangkok and go to other provinces. Anyhow, let's see how this weekend will be, especially this Sunday. I also hope that it doesn't get worse.
Heja ... well, well, well, your question is NOT TO BE ANSWERED! This tug-of-war of political influence, rich & poor lasts for decenies and will go on, and on, and on ... for how long? Since this forum is public, not every opinion is well seen! Let me put it this way: the problems in Thailand are (only) home-made. If I wouldn't watch foreign TV news channel or internet, I wouldn't even know what's on. So when in
Bangkok, avoid all places where clashes between REDS & YELLOWS may occur.
Besides traffic restrictions etc. you woun't even notice whats going on. Bangkok is big ...... travel safe.
rumours of the red party occupying the airport then the could be big trouble for travellers, check with airline daily.
In my view, the political problem will not be solved by that time. But Bangkok is a huge city and unless you would decide to participate yourself into the riots, a totaly safe place. You may expect to see military in the streets and more trafic jams than usual.
The problems won.t be solved,but as long u r not near the riots it is safe for u,most thais are also not happy with it,they also just sit and watch,it is sad to see that only a few greedy people destroy the reputation of a whole country,anyway don't worry anything thais are helpful and happy about every foreigner who visits their country,come here and enjoy
At that time, everything might be settled. At the moment, I can still say it's pretty safe. Actually I'm answering while I'm at my office. That means I still can go out and do my work or go somewhere. One thing I would recommend you if you are here is that, it's better to use the BTS sky train or MRT subway to get around. So you don't have to worry about the clogged roads. Or you can just go somewhere else rather than in Bangkok. Our beautiful beaches always welcome you.

Best wishes.
It's actually pretty boring :(
If u r thinking of comming to work and travel, avoid BKK and 3 provinces at the south. Other cities are much enjoyable.
Better keep checking with the news. But I think the protesters should be all gone by then.

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