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Dear friends, my son want to studying Oenology (mine making). We think Bourdeaux is the best. Some of my friend said that studying in France is free, no tuation fee so far studying in France language. It is? Need some information. Mercy


Country: France


Inorder to enter a French learning establishment, he must be accepted and score well on the TCF (Test de connaissance du Francais) which is the equivalent to the TOEFL for foreignors. The French pay a year tax of about 250€ to study at public institutions if accepted. Go to inorder to find out more info. Good luck!
Hi Ajamu,
Thanks for your information. Its very useful. Thanks
To become oenologue, you need to have a Bachelor's Degree called :" science et technologie mention,science de la vie" or a" DUT génie biologique" so you can then take the entrance examination for the national degree of oenologue.
Bordeaux is great, but there is also the Loire Valley which is quite fine too. To prepare a bachelor's degree, you have to go to the University, and in public university, in France, it's only 70 € by year, you pay only for the inscription.
Don't hesitate if you have other questions.
Hi Julie,

Thanks you very much for your information. Its very useful. I'll discuss with my son. Thanks
the previous 2 people seem to have covered the subject well and I am sure you will find what you need from their leads.
I can only add that perhaps your son would like to spend some time traveling around the wine regions visiting the vineyards,meeting the vignerons and getting his own impressions of the areas of France that he may like. Everywhere is good but I am biased as to the regions of south western France where I live. i wish him every happiness in his career.
Hi Rustlingforest,

Thank you for your information. But we dont hv much money for go to France fisrt. He must decide and go. Thanks
Hi! There are a lot of interessant diplomas about wine in the agrarian school (lycées agricoles). You can have différent levels to study wine from the BEP (Diploma for 15-16years old people) to BTS (Diploma for almost 20 years old people). This is the web site of one of those schools I know:
Don't hesitate to contact them, they may know all you whant to know about Oenology!
See you
Hi Charlotte,

Thank you very much for your information. We hd search, but we hv problem with languange. But we hd send email to them. Thanks

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