Ticket prices for Thailand from the Philippines?

I like to go there to vacation and enjoy going around their beautiful country. How much do plane tickets cost?


Country: Thailand


ok first, you need to be much more precise in your question, if you want precise answers, as there are about 100 different kind of fares.
The cheapest for return flights BKK MNL BKK is with Philippine Ailines and it is about 9200 thb taxes included,
if space available. Of course if you book last minute it will be more expensive.
Sorry Gee, I think you'll find that the question being asked is for ticket prices from the Philippines to Bangkok, not the other way round
LOL Peter , you are right, I totally misread the titel :p My apologies
We are organizing cycling tours only. No ticketing.

Is there a possibility to take a bike to the Phillies?
On all Iata carriers it is possible to take a bike, you have to let the air out of the tires and remove the pedals, and put the steering weel in the same direction as the frame: you have to wrap it in a hard board box, you can buy this box at the better bicycle store, and of course you need to put in a special request (RQST BIKE)in your reservation file. Dont buy your ticket BEFORE the bike is confirmed. The price?? If the luggage is under piece concept, like between Europe and USA+Canada, you can get it for free, if it is the weight concept, you will have to pay 1% of the first class ticket per kilo. For low cost carriers, please contact the carrier.
It's possibly cost 20,519 Philippine Peso for Boeing 777-200/200ER round trip

1 adult(s) x (14,379.00 + 6,140.00) = 20,519.00 PHP
total for all travellers 20,519.00 PHP
Tin, if you are quoting price in Philippine currency, that is probably for a Manilla Bangkok Manilla, but here was asked for a Bangkok Manilla Bangkok, and it should only be quoted in Thai bath.
Hi There. The cheapest airline between Bangkok and Manila is cebu pacific. They are a no frill airline and they have return flights to Manila from Bangkok starting at about $200us. No service on flights but it is a short one anyway. I would advise to book also internal flights for the Philippines online in advance to save money. Once there, the cheapest last minute flight are usually with Philippines airline.
Have a safe trip
Not really true..
The best tickets are available at
If you are really flexible in your travelplans.. Wait for a nice promotion !
Cheaper then this isn t possible !
Yes Jorn, sorry, I was talking about IATA airlines, not about low cost airlines.
If you wanna take the risk and price is the most important issue, take a low cost airline, of course! :D
what date and time?date and time is a factor in the cost of the plane ticket.
Depends on when you want to go and for how long, I understand Philippine Airlines have a special deal if you only want up to 8 nights in Thailand, foe example, if you are departing in one month and staying one week is 199USD. Assuming you want to stay for two weeks it will cost 357USD. Both fares are for return flights including taxes.
First of all you have to be more precise about your point of departure in Phils to Bangkok as prices will vary depending on location. Secondly you have to state when you would like to fly as high and low season fares also vary.
it out, prices depends on time of travel.
Ning and I went round trip last year for under 200USD on Cebu. That was before the gas price hikes and the ticket was purchased 3 months in advance. Just do some checking around and since gas prices have come down again and not to many people flying you should find some excellent deals.

Have fun,
Randy and Ning
look at , a low cost airline, and off course the earlier you book the cheaper
Tickets may vary from around 9thou baht or more, depending on promotional fares each airline has. You may try Cebu Pacific Air, Philippine Airlines, Kuwait Airlines, or Thai Airways. But by far the lowest rate is from Cebu Pac.
For sure check with travel agency or internet!

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