Rough guess on cost for trip?

trying to figure out how much a trip for 6 adults for one week to either france or italy will cost? Include everything from getting on the plane to getting off the plane.. Food, sightseeing, lodging, airfare, transportation.. Even if its only what it cost you or you and a friend.. that would be fine.. just give me a fe details so Im not comparing apples and oranges.


Country: France


Save your self the headache of getting everything for 6 people. Choose a customized tour that will fit your group and your budget.For France, you will get a 25% to 50% discount on weekly tours in Provence, France with French Escapade. Check the website at for the right trip for you. Trips can be customized for your group. Here is the page of the dates and rates
Hello, I only can give you infos concerning a french and italian riviera full day escursion: from 9h am to 5h30 pm, departure from Nice driving through the "high corniche" crossing "La turbie" to get and discover the medieval village of "Dolceacqua", spare time at the italian Market then return crossing "Menton" the pearl of France...
You do not say where you are coming from and what sort of accommodation you want. If you would like to look up your air fare, let me know where in France you will land and the type of accommodation you would like I will be pleased to suggest suitable options for the country area of South western France where I live. Bed and breakfast accommodation is generally about 40 euros per double room per night, hotels more with seasonal variations. Gites (holiday cottages) can be hired for the week Food will cost from 10euros upwards for a main meal. Plenty of supermarkets available for picnic purchases. Train fares can be calculated from the website . and your tickets bought online as you wish. Car hire is available at airports and you can see the cost of that online as I suppose you will need a people carrier type for 6 people Happy holiday

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