I want to try local Moroccan cuisine in Marrakech. Which restaurant would you suggest?


Country: Morocco


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I can suggest that you visit Chez Ali, it's the best known restaurant offering moroccan dishes in Marrakech.
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what about jamaa lfna you can find many traditionnal and typical deliciuss morccan food for less price
Dar Marjana is the one restaurant I suggest you to try your meals at. The setting is worth a thousand words…It's located in a small palace in the medina. It provides a true Moroccan experience. The dining area that overlooks the private courtyard and fountain. Decoration is extravagant with brocade divans. Local music is played by Gnaouas. The restaurant's cuisine is highly recommanded. Also Moroccan wine is served. Enjoy
Moroccan cuisine in marrakesh is a very broad question as Moroccan cuisine is so vast and rich in recipes cultures and spices. try jamaal el fna which is the local marrakchi cuisine. for a gastronomic morroccan cuisine try dar moha or lotus privilege both excellent. for traditional morrocan food try al fassia or yacout. and if you want to go cheap and typical go to ourika valley and have lunch with the bereber, delicious or in gueliz you have a butcher's quarter "beshgeni" where you buy your grilled meat by the weight "ouazzani is my favorite and most hygenic"
A very good traditional Moroccan restaurant in Marrakech is LE TANJIA. It is situated in the Mellah (Jewish Quarter) of the medina (old city). Their menu is a la carte and includes all the traditional dishes of the country, and prices are reasonable. Both the service and food are very good and in the evenings they have traditional musicians and belly dancing girls!! They also have a downstairs bar area where you can have a pre-dinner drink or a relax after your dinner. The telephone number for the restaurant is +212 (0)24 38 38 36.
There is nothing better than my grand-mother meals... so awesome.. but i think that you will enjoy the Moroccans meals in Chez Ali restaurant... i like their Couscous ...
and good luck
I think that Chez Ali is the best in whole Marrakech..
I am sure that you will enjoy it
Good luck
Just go to Jamaa lafna and there you can see Moroccan cuisine in an open space yeaaaaaaaaah
There several moroccan restaurants around jemmaa el fna plaza.
restaurants close to jemma el fna.

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