I am interested in Whitetail deer in Northern Mexico Season Lease of Package hunt

I want to hunt Northern Mexico for Trophy Whitetail deer, either a season lease or a weekly package, in the states of Tamalipolis, Nueva Leon, or Coahuila, I need specific ranches, acreages, and prices. Thank you Email


Country: Mexico


Los Tiernos Ranch, Coahuila
Ubication: Villa Hidalgo, Coahuila, Mexico
Phone : 015281-81900901
Contact: Elias Almanza

2000 hect close lower
Gaps in very good condition
14 spy zones
18 feeders
2 vans with spy
Personal Guide
House with all amenities
Food and drinks, 3 meals a day
Moderate alcohol
Hunt 3 nights: Monday to Thursday or Thursday to Sunday

1 Texas white-tailed deer
2 Jabali
1 Coyote or cat (if there is opportunity)

Package price $ 4,500.00 usd

USD price: $ 4,500.00 U.S. dollars
The best that I can do for you is in Sonora here it is the web page were you can find some cinegetic places
try Rancho La Pandura in Tamaulipas,Rancho La Palma,another is Mexican Deer Ranch in Coahuila

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