my son is going to cancun for spring break how safe is it.any info appreciated

is there certain areas they should stay in, is there a dress code for the nightclubs. is there a problem with being out of hotel area after dark.


Country: Mexico


Sorry, but my expertise is in Oaxaca, not the Yucatan peninsula. Alvin
Hi there,
I understand your concerns however there is really nothing to worry about so long as your son, and his friends follow a few guidelines.
I have had hundreds of people here in Cancun each year for Spring Break, and these are the main problems.

The Police - there is an increased Police presence in Cancun during Spring Break, and so, do not be seen pissing in public, drunk & disorderly, swimming naked, having sex in a public place, buying drugs or fighting... All are going to land you in Jail with a minimum fine of $150.00 USD (48 hours jail if you cannot pay). Also, if friends do not bring meals & drinks there are non supplied by the state.

Do not swim in the Lagoon, especially after dark, there are large crocodiles in there.

Be careful if hiring Waverunners, Jungle Tour boats or Mopeds (especially if under 21), because the Insurance may cover other people, but not the Machine. If you cannot pay for any damages if you have an accident the owners get the Police Involved and threaten you with jail. (This also applies to badly maintained machines where pieces just fall off so check everything before you use it).

I have lived here for 3 years now, and have not known Cancun to be a Violent place, however, like everywhere else that there are lots of people partying and getting drunk... there's always an Idiot somewhere, but every club, bar and hotel have security.

Avoid going to places that are off the beaten track, certail areas of Downtown Cancun can be a little dodgy, but so long as they stay in the Cancun Hotel Zone they should have no problems.

Avoid Plaza 21 which is the area where all the Strip clubs etc are. Again, prices are over the top especially if you get hooked into paying for drinks for the Girls, and if you can't pay you risk being assaulted by the Security and then jailed.

Mexican Law is Mexican Law.... if the Police say you did something, you did it... there is NO COMEBACK !!!

Make sure the Bank know that you will be using your bank cards in Cancun or you could have major problems.

Bring your health Insurance details with you, just to be on the safe side, although generally you have to pay for treatment and then claim it back when you get home.

Always agree the cost of your taxi before you go anywhere, and make sure that you keep enough money in a safe place to pay for this once you leave the club. DO NOT PAY the taxi driver until you are safely back at the Resort especially if you are drunk... they will try to charge you again infront of the Hotel staff, and then call the Police if you have no money. A typical Taxi ride from the Party Zone at KM 9 back to a Hotel at around KM 16 will cost $12.00 USD

Make sure you use the safe in the Hotel Room, do not leave cameras, mobile phones, money, passports etc out in the open. They will go missing.

Dress for Clubs in Cancun ranges from Smart casual to flipflops and shorts... only thing they dont like is sleeveless shirts or no shirt at all.

I hope this helps and gives an insight into most of the things that you need to be careful off down here. If there are still issues that you would like covered, please let me know. Toll Free from the USA/Canada 1 888 335 1996
yes is completely safe,just if he respect the rules and doesnt show much cash around,he will be alright
yes is completely safe,just if he respect the rules and doesnt show much cash around,he will be alright
look out, I consider to my self as a good father. if i were you, I would take the same choice. Cancun is one of the most beautiful and save place in this country, you can buy with your currencies but honesty...much of the amusement depend about whom you know in the moment. you know what I mean? but don't worry about it, undoubtly your son will take care to himself...happy holidays!!!
well cancun is one of the saftiest city in Mexico, theres a lot of people having fun late at night so theres a few places without people.
Allen is sooo right, just tell your son behave and be very carefull with mexican police, in my town country they took my brother and cuban cousin just because they were drinking at the Blvd.
There shouldnt be any problem with your son maam, personally i dont know your son but i trust hes a good kid, Cancun is a very safe place, US dollars are accepted almost everywhere, i suppose he is going with many friends so as long as they hold together (by this i mean non of them should go walking alone not because of anything violent but when mexicans see an american alone they try to take his money by telling him they will take him partying, or dancing or whatever) i also suppose he is staying in a nice hotel, most Cancun hotels take care of spring-breakers, they provide them transportation, food and security.

There shouldnt be any problem as long as they dont do anything stupid, but that law is worldwide. Feel free to ask me anything else!
I would have to agree with Allen Mason.
Take in good consideration what he is telling you and make sure to show his comments to your soon
I think is safe, in my experience, but i saw ppl selling drugs last time, front of us! but... if your son is a good boy and he doesn't take drugs everything will be ok, tell him that don't bring a lot of money better use a card or travelers checks but do not worry, give to him a cellular and you can call him everyday!

Good luck!

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