which places are better to stay for a new foreigner?


Country: New Zealand


Main population for Asians in NZ is Auckland ,but pretty much in every town & city depends if you want to be Asian or more New Zealand focused I guess.
No matter where you live you will always find someone who does not agree with you, Auckland is the most populated city in New Zealand but you will find poeple of all races in most cities in New Zealand (North Island and South) North Island is very populated and has many cities where as the South island has more space of nature but still holds some beatiful cities. I cannot say where to go as I would need to know more about what you like. If you are looking for a good job go to SEEK, New Zealand, this may help you figure out where you want to base yourself.

There are so many places in this world that is conducive for new foreigner to stay, what is most important is know the foreigner's preference and reason for his or stay in that country...
which places are better to stay for a new foreigner?..............It depends what you like ? If you want night life or outdoors or beaches or lakes or mountains ? or community.......really it depends what you want........but one thing I am very sure of is that you need to travel through the country dont get stuck in the big cities. There are so many beautiful places in new zealand.....provincial cities and small towns with great friendly communities and secret spots that the locals would be happy to show you. Mix with the people. N.Z. is in the top 5 most beautiful countries in the world so enjoy

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