My husband and I are visiting PERU in MAY. We are Retired. What type of clothing should we bring to wear - MACHU PICCHU ALSO??


Country: Peru


Hi!: You should know that in PerĂș we have many microclimates depending on the location you may be: in Lima it wil be mild, perhaps with evenings with "garĂșa" (a very light rain, almost imperceptible). May is mid autumm here but it is not so cold as you may think; but you wil need some warming clothing for the nights.
Machu Picchu is a whole different story: during daytime it will mostly be sunny, still some heavy rains, cold at nights, you`ll need preferably mountain or heavy sport shoes, a windbreaker jacket, a hat for the bright shinning at noon time and a large waterproof coat.
But the wonderful experience will make you forget of all these annoyances.
Please double check the facilities available for May (after the really heavy rains we had some weeks ago --still have--many things are changing: the road from Cuzco-Machu Picchu to start with, some hotels had been damaged, but the tourist oriented spirit of locals still holds strong). You are going to enjoy it all.
If you need trusty transportation in Lima we can be available on a modern van depending on the time lapse. Be prepared to a great food experience also! Juan
Welcome to Peru ! In May Lima is cloudy the temperature is like 54 F, in Cusco the weather is very changeable cold during the morning 38 f, middle day like 75 f and again colde at nigh like 40 f ( sunny and clear sky all day) , Machupicchu is a little warmest than Cusco but wet ( we cold upper jungle ) the average is 75 f all day but can rain any time ( just showers) , you will need shorts , and light clothes

best wishes ,


Hi. Thanks for your interest. May is usually a warm season all around Peru. In Lima fall begins, while in the mountains is usually warm during the day (mostly between 65 to 75 farenheit degrees) and a bit colder by night. If you're comming late in may, you should expect a lower temperature, so you'll have to bring more warm clothes.

In order to be the most confortable, try to wear from light clothes (for your walkings during the day) to coats or termic jackets. Remember that Macchupicchu will be reopen to public in the first days of april, due to the rains from february. Check the train schedules with perurail.

any questions, just email me.
On may is a little cold some days are sun but we are enter in winter, you need some jackets, cold is not strong. For cusco is shiny on the day and very cold at nights, also in the day a light jacket its ok.

You'll have an unforgetable vacation in Peru, don't worry at all about the weather because it's very nice in May and June not so hot, not so cold to wear special clothes, just a little humid at night in Lima and a little cold at night in Cusco, Macchu Picchu.
Be sure you'll enjoy coming to Peru
Lima fresh days some wind and not so cold a jacket enough. Cusco some rains maybe but more sunny days, MP more rains never knows if rainy season ends early will be only cloudy if not expect some rains. Simple, bring t-shirts a light jacket, a raincoat, a good sweater for the nights in cusco and here buy a chullo and gloves
May is like the Fall both in Lima and in Cusco. Pleasant wheather, no rain, sunny during the day cooler at night. Bring layers. Fleece is always a good idea. Good luck.
Cuzco is sunny during the day and cooler at night. Machu Picchu is warmest than Cusco and a a little humid
During the day will use a tshirt and in the night a light jacket
Enjoy your trip
hello miss i just would love to invite you to came to Iquitos and tell you that in here you can use shorts things so.hope to see you and meet you soon.
In cusco , now is raining a lot, but in the days is shunny, but in machupicchu almost every days is raining, so, you need a ligth rain coat, because there is not too cold as cusco...
but now weather is changen a lot i the world. so we dont know what will happen ,
rigth now, is cusco we are having a wonderful blue sky and the sun is so beautiful..
i love this day,,,
good luck and welcome to cusco..
Hello welcome to Peru, land of the Incas, we live in Cusco, Machupicchu 4 hours, the weather is constantly changing in the morning, there is a bright and sometimes at night it rains, there is usually no rain during May but starts the cold season to Cusco should bring warm clothing, in Machupicchu the climate is different, there is hot and there is enough moisture, you need to bring light clothes, shirts with long sleeves, long pants or shorts, hat, sunscreen and mosquito repellent . If you need tourist information we will be happy to assist you and to schedule trips based on the time of the customer.

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