Do you think it is safe to travel to Israel?


Country: Israel


Right now, Israel seems safer than many other destinations such as India, Thailand, etc.

Many people who use me as a guide wonder what all the fuss is about.

I feel safer in downtown Tel Aviv than in New York, Rio, or London.
Israel today is safer than many other countries in the world as the far east, for instance. we have a very good security all around the country. the tourists in Israel feel much more secure than in their hometowns, so they report to me when I am guiding them.
If you're from the U.S., you are far safer here than in your own home city--I have the stats.

Come and see for yourself...and you'll have a fabulous time here too.

Best regards, Nat
israel is safe,things are happens. but normaly is safe.
even in region where arabs living.
its not lase safe than another places in the globe
It is very safe to tour Israel. I can supply you with the names and email addreses of all the tourists that have toured with me in the last 2 months. NONE of them felt unsafe.
You should stop reading the rubbish published by newspapers and TV companies who only show you 10 seconds of bad and don't show you 23.9 hours a day of good.
I see above you got many good answers.
I just want to add,
if you ask an auto raised tour guide to drive you to an aria that has A little risk he'll refused.
Yes. For more see
It is true that Israel is mentioned by many people as a danger place but three million tourits that visited Israel this year- a record in number of tourists comming to Israel-are thinking differently. The touristic places are not in the problematics area and it is safe to come here.
It is more safe to travel to Israel than to some other countries in the world. Many tourists, coming to Israel, say they are surprised how different is Israel in reality compare to the image this country has in their country. On 2008, 3 million tourists came to visit Israel. They are the best witnesses. I invite you to come and to see it yourselves!!!
Absolutely yes.
If you were made aware of every problem in Manhattan you would never go there. Good news about Israel doesn't sell papers. Amazingly beautiful locales, stunning sites, fascinating history and a people that are vibrant and creative make Israel a stop like no other. Visitors become ambassadors, as you'll see on any travel website!
do not know who is asking the question? I do not know to whom I am suppose to answer? But here is my answer.

My answer to the question is yes! It is as safe to travel to Israel as it is to India, Spain, Thailand, London, and any other place in the world where the crazy, Muslim feudalist have decide to target. I just think that here in Israel it is safer because the police the army and other branches of the security services are much more on the ball then in India just for one example.


As a mother that lived with my children in Portugal, Belguim, Colombia and even in the USA I feel much safer in Israel. As a Tour Guide in Israel the feeling of all my groups is that Israel is much safer than any other place in the world. In here no one will attack a hotel and separate the American or the British - I S R A E L I S S A F E
Yes, Israel is generally quite safe for tourists (even in the worst of times!). And, when safety issues do arise, a good guide will know the times/places (or behaviors!) which it is best to avoid, or when caution is dictated.
I spent 18 month in Israel and I stil alive;-))), Israel is VERY SAFE COUNTRY! just avoid to visit Gaza Stripe and Lebanon border and everything will be fine. I also suggest you to use taxi raser than bus, it is not really expensive, but terrorists do not blow it up;-).
Onestly the Israeli police maks everything to provide safety to the local people and the tourists.

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