when is the Nawam perehara in Colombo?


Country: Sri Lanka


Nawam Perahera cultural pageant in Colombo February 27, . Some 50 elephants, most of them coming from the central area of Kandy, together with thousands of traditional drummers, dancers, and monks gather to participate in the two-day annual event which was first held in 1979.
Every February Full moon poya day
Nawam means February as per the sinhalese calendar. So this colourful peagant take place in the full moon day of the month of february. It gives an oppertunity mostly travellers who are in srilanka for a short period to see a budhist procession called perehara in sinhalese. Participated by some 40 elephants decorated in colorful dresses, many types of tradional dancers, the dignified chiefstones like in Kandy perahera offers you a magnificient an unforgettable spectacular peagant.

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