I am not a resident of South Africa but I plan to get medical insurance. How much will it cost me to get one?


Country: South Africa


It all depends on what you are looking for. All medical insurance companies have a comprehensive list of all the type of plans to cover your needs, like for instance if you would like to have a hospital plan only (this is the basic plan)This will cost about R800 per month.
Then you have more comprehensive plans. For one person it works out from about R1796 per month to about R3000.
It also depends if you have dependants or not.
Most of these companies will cover you for a year or longer.
The most popular medical aid is Discovery Health, but there are many more to choose from
Depending on the extent of cover you're looking for. This can range from around R500 upwards depending on the number of dependants to be covered and whether you want cover for medication, doctor's consults, minor injury attention that does not require hospital admission. The cheaper options only provide cover for hospitalisation. Check out for more detailed information. If you're coming on holiday, check your medical travel insurance. Banks and other institutions often offer fairly comprehensive cover at affordable rates.
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This also depends on whether you plan to stay in the RSA or use it as a base and work outside of the country. Should this be the case and you will be working in a danger area, then the chances of getting insurance will be minimal. Should this not be the case and you plan to become a resident of this country , then it will all depend on what sort of package you require and what sort of cover you are looking for. This will range from R580-00 up to R2400-00 per month depending on how many dependants you have, your current state of health and your past medical history

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This is adifficult question as it depends on the number oid dependents, your pasr medical history I suggest you look at the websites of the 2 biggest health care companies in south and will give you an indication Good luck -Bob Africanoutposts.
Good Day. Since you are not a SA citizen, you will be paying more for medical insurance than we do. Before I can answer your question you should first answer mine. 1. Are you planning on moving to SA or, 2. Only planning to visit?
My answers to 1 and 2:
1. Here is a wide difference between medical cover/insurance in SA. If this is only for 1 person, this person will be recognized as the head member of the cover and will be paying round about R1200 – R1600 p/m; depending on the type of medical cover you chose, then if there is another person involved, this person will be under you and for this person you will be paying about R300 – R 550 p/m; also depending on the type of cover you chose.
2. For visiting SA your medical cover that you have will cover you in SA. If not, some of the Barclays groups (banks) provide cover for short periods.
I hope this information will help you.
You can visit my website on or
has a pretty comprehensive list of benefits, perhaps browse and mail them with the additional details - length of potential stay, family members, medical history etc ....
*good luck, and hope you enjoy your stay !!!*

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