Can you give me some hint about the prices along the seaside (hotels, apartments, restaurants, beach activities)?


Country: Bulgaria


Hello, and thanks for asking. It is a little early to know prises for the summer season, but yes - you must be ready with 1000 Euro (One Thousand) Euro. I am not proud to tell you so, but it is more expensive in BG rather than in Sapin for exmple. There are many "little tricks" they do especially by the seaside resorts. Check with any hotel at any resort you will find prices as 400 Euro a package per week - don't believe it. They start charge you with every step you do - such as a refrigirator in your room, such as tv, such as air condition, then the chair by the pool or on the beach, then the sand because it is noy exactly just infront of your hotel etc. I am really sorry, but you have to know all those. I am a Bulgarian, I am a tour guide, but I tell my friends to NOT come along the Bulgarian Black sea resorts. As I said above a one thousand Euro will help you gor 10 days. Enjoy.
The average small hotel charges around 35 leva per night and often if you want to stay more than 5 days you can get the price lower. Best places to stay for normal price are Kiten...Sozopol...Ravda...Pomorie...Sunny Beach is a concrete jungle with no soul, there are plenty of beach activities at all beach resorts....
Yes a hooker for you is around 50 leva.
Yacht sailing is about 50 euro per day for 8 hours of sailing including lunch, fishing, etc. For a half day 4 hours should be no more than 25 euro. Check the local yacht club at any port.
Hi Sandor, don’t be nervous about coming to Bulgaria on a seaside vacation. Its not true that you get cheated everywhere you go like indicated in another answer, but its true that the crises has made the hotel owners and other people more creative in ways to earn money, because hotel rated have dropped down to as low as 10 BGN a night (5 EUR) for a bed in a double room.

However I would recommend you to rent a private house or apartment. You should be prepared to pay up to 10 BGN to stay in a sunbed under am umbrella in one of the resorts, but you can find many places with free zones. Food, wine, restaurants, everything is cheap in Bulgaria, but go where the Bulgarians go, don’t spend you entire vacation in a resort.

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