Week commencing March 15th I wish to travel from Constanta to Varna preferably along the Black Sea Coast, then maybe on to Burgas....

...What are the transport alternatives & costs? From Burgas my destination will be Thessaloniki in Greece. I have 4-5 days to make the journey so would like to spend 2-3 days walking in scenic countryside. Given these parameters please advise a route. Accomodation will also be required. I am on a very tight budget so please advise the best low cost options. Thank you, Alistair


Country: Bulgaria


You can rent donkey its cheap.
Maxi interesting, do you have more details, thank you, Alistair
Hello , once you are in Varna on the train station there is minibuses to Bourgas max 20 leva then in Bourgas you can sleep 3 days for 100 lv.+ breakfast if you want to see the beautiful countryside e-mail me in this time i ll find a cheap way to Greece whit bus or a car.Ig you don't like this advice again e-mail me to sort it out.
Tihomir, thank you for the useful information. Will probably be in your area a week from now and will contact you. First need to discover details of donkey rental from man in Sofia. Thank again, Alistair

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