Which season's best to visit Morocco as a tourist and where should we go?


Country: Morocco


the best season is summer because the ambiance is just awesome especially in cities like Marrakesh and Agadir also for people from really cold countries the best season for them could be winter because weather is really nice in many parts of Morocco in winter.
The best place to visit in Morocco are:
Marrakesh and Agadir they are ranked number one in tourism in the country agadir is a real nice, modern, well equipped city in the west of Morocco it was one of the best coasts in the world, and marrakesh is only about three hours away from agadir, its one of the famous cities worldwide really hot in summer nd really worth visiting!

your question is quite difficult to answer as Morocco is a year-round holiday destinations. What I say is that either you like skiing, beach, deserts, coasts, mountains, or just cities, Morocco can basically offer you year round destinations.

Now after I say this, please take in consideration the High and Low Season. This topic should be the most important one deciding either you should travel to Morocco at certain parts of the year.

High season: April with holy week, December after Xmas and up to 15 January.

Low season: February until around the 20's. may june. also in south morocco during summer months due to high temperatures.

Also, some regions can't be explored during winter months due to snow, the heart of the Atlas Mountains range can't be reached during December up to February if snow falls, remember that the Atlas mountains rises up to 4000 meters = 13 123.3596 feet high.

Also the Sahara Desert might be a bit too hot for some people. So avoid late June, July and august. Nice months to visit Sahara are October, November, February. During April and May you might have some sand storms.

Moroccan cities that you shouldn't miss are Marrakech, Essaouira, Fez and Chefchaouen in the north if you can.

Also don't miss Erg Chebbi Dunes, Ait ben Haddou in Ouarzazate, the rose Valley and Draa also going to Nkob on the road to Rissani on the Tafilalet region.

Good luck!
good comment. you seem to know the country very well. that country which i LOVE.thanks for that
the best season is spring and summer...the best cities are marrakech and saouira..
Tourists from the northern hemisphere enjoy visiting Marrakech during the winter months as Marrakech and the south of Morocco has beautiful sunny days during the winter months. Most tourists find the months of July and August too hot for this part of Morocco. Spring and Autumn are the best seasons to visit Morocco - especially for visiting the Sahara Desert as it is not too hot nor too cold.

The coastal city of Essaouira is also worth a visit but be aware that it is known as "the windy city" and often has quite strong wind blowing during the summer months. Agadir caters for guests interested a beach resort style holiday and does not offer much else. Taroudant, a quaint little village about one hour's drive from Agadir, is known as "little Marrakech" and is worth a visit.

A lot of travellers to Morocco choose to visit the Imperial cities (Casablanca, Rabat, Meknes, Fes and Marrakech). It really all depends on what your interests are - if for example you enjoy hiking, then you might enjoy trekking in the High Atlas Mountain or snow skiing in winter (Jan/Feb) at the ski resort of Oukaimden (one hour's drive from Marrakech). Morocco has so much to offer - all you need to do is to book your flight, pack your suitcase and come and see for yourself!!

Whatever you decide to do, I am sure you will have an unforgettable holiday in Morocco!!
yes whatever your decisions are. morocco offer something to your taste even if difficult or very special. Good luck in your travels. so pack and come. M
I live in Marrakech, the center of tourism in Morocco.The best time to go to Morocco
depends on which area do you want to discover. I f you would like to go to the desert, the best saison is winter (from october to may), there some flights to the south side of the high atlas ,exactely to Ouarzazet city.
To do a trip in the mountains as a challenge you can go up Toubkal in winter, using you crampons and ice axe. Otherwise sumer is the best saison for trekingit begins from May to october.
just call me when you arrive, dont forget that Marocco isn't cheap and you can spend a lot of money, so bring a lot of euros with you
the best season to visit north of morocco if you like mediteranian beach is June.because it's nice and hot but not very hot and is not crowded with tourist.
I live in Tangier.I can orginise your tour in Morocco with very reasonable price. I manage some of british 2 bedroom and 1 salon equiped apartment that I can rent for you for only 60 euros per night.the apartment is close to the beach and close to tetouan city wher you can see medina and have a moroccan cultur experience. I offer pickup from Tangier airport for only 30 euros to your accomendation.
I hope this helps,please do not hesitate to contact me for any more information.

i live in sahara desert so i invite you to join us here. the Merzouga dunes are very special and will make your trip to morocco stay in your mind forever.

as far as I'm concerned best time to visit sahara desert is during spring, autaum and winter time. best colors for desert photography are during october and november.

during summer its a bit hot but some nationalities can handle it ok (south europeans, americans from desert states).

welcome to sahara desert.
The best season to visit Morocco is spring and to some extent summer. If you cannot handle the heat, so forget about summer. The depends on what kind of person you are, if you like dry places o you like the beach or whatever. I thik if you search online you will find many pleasant areas waiting for you!
Good luck
Don't lose the visit of Merzouga and its tall dunes of the Sahara to cross with a trekking with dromedary. Best season ? Spring and Autumn.
See you !
I suggest you come to Morocco when you're cold in your own place ... Autumn is wonderful ... September, October, November because it's less hot than summer months ... and still very warm ... It's good fishing season as well ...
Easter is very nice with spring blossoming everywhere :)
For a real Moroccan experience I suggest you to discover Atlas Mountains and its precious old villages.
spring & summer is the best time to visit Morocco
I think winter is the best season to vist my area but about the nourth you can visit it in anytime , because my area it could be very hot hehe
Morocco has a very wide variation of clima and places.

If you like to stay in the beach is good the summer (July and August)to visit, Safi, Essaouira, Agadir.

If you like the tranquility of the desert you can go to Sahara, Merzouga in the months of March, April, May, September and October and you will find a good temperature.

If you like the mountains, you have very nice tours to do in Tafraout is beautifull every time of the year. You can visit the beautifull city of Chefchaouen in the mountais of the Rif, The gorges of Dades and Todra, with a warm temperature on the summer and very cold in the winter.

You can even do Sky in the region of Meknes-Fez in the months of december, january and february.

Nice trip
The springtime and the summer is the best time to come. If you need us to organize your trip, join our group or send us an email with all details, we'll take care of you and give the best of Morocco:

Marrakesh Hospitality Service:
If you are keen to combine your holiday with an activity, trek or hike then please contact the following
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Where in Morocco?
Sea side is always nice and cool
Desert between October and March
atlas between March and June
and Mountains in winter too for skiing ( between december and march). hmmm i know the country very well
Hi ,
In my opinion you can come anytime you want because every period had an amazing things ;-)
For me i will not speak in generaly i would like to present to you my area ""Ouarzazate , Agdz , Zagora , Desert "" .
Ouarzazate : In Ouarzazate you can find a beautiful city but the most amazing there in Kasbat ait Hadou .
Agdz : In Agdz you can find a beautiful nature "" Waterfall , Historical buildings and simple Morocco life.
Zagora :we call it the heart of desert , from there you can go to some amazing places like Tamgrout , M'hamid .
Desert : it's the most beautiful place in the south , there you can enjoy your time watching shining stars in the blue sky and listen to the wind in an open space woooooooooooow.
If you need any information about my area just give me a call : +212665482768
The best season is from late MArch to June and from September to late November.Summer is too hot.

You can visit Marrakesh,fes,Desert,Essaouira,Agadir and Chefchaouen.
quit al the year it depends where you want to stay.but amost between march and june you can go everywhere.

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