What do I need to be able to scuba dive in Thailand? Do I need to get some sort of physical examination?


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hi, in thailand PADI students generally do NOT need to have a physical examination, but they are required to complete the PADI medical questionnaire. it is a sort of self-certification, providing you can truthfully answer no to all the questions on the form there is no need for an official medical examination.
it is however advisable to have a medical examination for your own peace of mind, if you wish to do so.
Just need to fill out a health form. Most companies will not let you dive within 24 hours after getting off a flight or 24 hours before getting on a flight. Please keep this in mind.

Some companies have introductory dives where you don't need a PADI or and dive card. It is a quick 1 hour lesson then 1 dive at a shallow reef.

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No , you don't need it. For yor own safety, you should know your health condition.
Medical is not mandatory but you yourself need to be sure your health will not be hazard to scuba dive.
The companies here do not care but will ask you to fill in form so they are not responsible for any mishaps.
You do not need a med cert, but you fill out the companies tick box indemnity. That by the way covers them not you.
My advice would be to get a medical done before coming out here and also inform you travel insurance as some policies do not cover dangerous sports.
Actually you should have a medical each year for peace of mind and last minute get aways.
You should be qualified and you should have a medical for your own safety and the people you dive with
It doesn't mather if you want to go diving in Thailand or any other place in the world. For learning to dive or just doing a try dive, you need to answer a question sheet, stating that you don't have any medical concerns that can be vulnerable vile diving. once your certified as a diver, or higher, you dont have to fill out the medical statement anymore, but your responsible for your own health to be in shape. if you however answer NO on any question on the statement, you need to see an diving physician (doctor) to clear you for diving. PADI, SSI or any other diving organization works the same way, not to stop you from diving, but to still keep you safe.
you can also find out from this website ... it is diving school in Thailand.
you don't need one but it would be better to bring one in case any of the answers on your medical questionare would be a yes.
just to comment on the other answers, most companies do care about your health and diving after flying is absolutely safe, flying directly after diving however needs max 18 in between
one thing that will save you time is if you are planing to dive for the fist time and would like to do a course in Thailand, is use an SDI certified dive centre this allows you to do a lot of the theory and tests on-line before you come. giving you a lot more time in the water on your holiday

Nothing, TIT even if you needed a diploma you could just bargain of falsify.
As the rest say, if you are not 100% sure that your body condition is perfect visit a doctor before, just to be sure. You should go to a dentist as well to check your (if you have) fillings, sometimes when they are 'old' it can be not to nice while diving. If you visit Koh Chang, feel free to dive with SCANDINAVIAN CHANG DIVING CENTER.
If you are healthy you should be good to go.

Welcome to Thailand.
For your Standard Open Water (PADI) you will have to answer a self Cert, its not until you reach Divemaster level that you actually need a Medical Certificate. As somebody has already stated, its possible to do a Discover Scuba Dive (DSD) where you are guided by Divemasters and looked after for the whole of your Dive, a great introduction to Diving, you wont go Deep and you will feel quite safe, its cheaper than doing the 4 day PADI Course
There are some medical situations where you should not dive,
1 if you have a lung disease such as asthma.
2 Epilepsy, seizures or convulsions.
3 Blackouts.
4 Sinus surgery.
5 Pregnant.
6 Heart attacks or any chest surgery.
If you have any of these complications, then get your own personal doctor to give you the propper medical clearence before you go into any dive shop.
If you state yes to any of these, then for your own personal saftey and the safety of the people you could be diving with, DONT DIVE!!!
PADI does certify your health status but to be on the safe side use a PADI 5 Star accredited Dive shop. In Phuket I certainly recomend
Hope this helps?
Normaly we give our customer to fill in PADI Medical Questionnaire. All the answer must be "NO"
If you know that you are healthy you will not need Your Physical examination.
But You're will unlikely to pass the medical examination,if you have any kind of this fallowing Conditions.

DIABETES REQUIRING INSULIN (Need your Physician's Impression)
ASTHMA (Need your Physician's Impression)

Hope this information will help you..
first of all you need to fill in the PADI questionairs.
if u have any 'yes' answers you need to go for re-check with the doctor at the hospital.

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