Can an Amercian go to Egypt? Is it safe?

I want to take my mother to see pyramids but Im unsure if its safe.


Country: Egypt


dear traveler, you are welcome any time to egypt. egypt is one of the safest places on earth. you can walk day or night in the street without any fear at all. many americans visit egypt every year, actually i have many american friends who are living and working in egypt. you can come and visit the country any time of the year. take my word, i, even i myself guarantee your safety and security. welcome to egypt
Hi there! As the American half of the Nile Sunsets team, I can assure you that you will not face any hostility as an American. People everywhere will welcome you. My first few visits the most 'negativity' I got was that people said, 'Welcome to Egypt! We love Americans but hate your politics/president'. No worries there. Most of us aren't fond of him either. :-) But no more! With our president-elect being as popular in Egypt as he is it will be different for you.

In the tourist-centric areas, there are police everywhere for the tourists' protection and Egyptians themselves are friendly and helpful. You will not feel unsafe. I go out in Egypt at any time day or night. Of course life has no guarantees but I think Egypt is just as safe or unsafe as anywhere else and SAFER than many US cities.

You will have an awesome time. Egypt awaits. :-)
Forgot to sign my post. This is KC. :-)

yes it is be safe insha Allah
many Americans women ,English lives here in Egypt and working since many years beside many tourists coming from every where to visit Egypt
Egypt is safe like your country
so you are welcome
and many things here is waiting for you to see
Hello, and yes for sure Americans are welcome to Egypt.
It is safe for tourists, of course and many many come every year to see the pharonic sites and experience the culture. Governement of Egypt wants very much for the safety of the tourists too, and people here many can speak English well and love to meet people from everywhere. Tourism is a very long history in Egypt.

The Pyramids are just one of many sites you can enjoy, so I do hope that you come to Egypt to enjoy it.
Absolutely safe !, Egyptians are a very welcoming people and they love tourists and all the tourism places are secured very well by the police although no thing happen any way :)

So Come over and I hope you enjoy your stay and I hope your mother like the pyramids :)
first of all thank u for ur wish visit egypt .dont worry with the egyptian people who all are well known with the good hospitality all over the world .i can assure to u that you will be safe any where you go.waiting for ur wish to come true and you are welcome in egypt.SUNNYLAND TRAVEL SERVICE
Egypt it the safety country u can visit it over the world
JUST COME AND YOU WILL NEVER REGRET :-D hope you have a blast, Egypt is the safest!
u really welcome u and ur mum...and safety is feeling that u will gain the all the times that u will come 2 egypt cuz sure u will come again as u will feel its ur home wishes and happy time
well my friend egypt is the safest country among others
plus Americans comes all year and they enjoyed.
just remove this idea and go ahead and bring your brothers
but my advice to you
1-ask about the security procedures your agent preparing for you
2-do not insult anyone to gain thier trust
u are welcome dear to come to egypt
we cant talk about a country that is safe or not , because every country had a terrorist affair most likely to be everywhere
and also there are many americans that live here , and we have never heard that anybody had sth wrong
Just trust in God ,, and then if you go to hell u ll be safe :Dhehe
hi there....i forgot to tell you something that i have been working now as tour guide more than 15 years and most of my guest told me that egypt is more safe than their own dont worry .come and check with ur own eyes.and for sure you will be back again and again
Egypt is one of the safest countries in the world beside that it is awesome and its people are very kind so it is very safe not only for Americans but also for any other person.
yes sure its very safe to travel in egypt i hope u come soon and see the beauty of egypt and enjoy it
yes sure its very safe to travel in egypt i hope u come soon and see the beauty of egypt and enjoy it
Egypt is one of a few places in the world that you can walk in its street 24 hours a day, without even feeling insecure.

But you might be stopped by the locals, for nothing but to shake your hands and offers you help if you need :D
you are wellcomed any time
egypt like many other countrys ( it is extra safe )
At first u r welcome dear,anytime
Ican only say that egypt like all the world and anywhere else not totaly safe but it's only safe with the egyptian spirit and the hospitality from the egyptian wherever u come from.I wish that u will enjoy in ur trip in Egypt,
hi there..(land of peace) that is what egypt has been called from centuries U can wander here free and not afraid of any thing fact people here like tourists very much and always happy to host them and lead them through streets showing all kinds of help they can
an egyption is telling you that
"u do not have to wonder if it ws safe or not u just have to know how much fun u can find here"
yes of course it is safe try coming and enjoy
yes of course it is safe try coming and enjoy
Dear Mr or Mrs

First Let me know you about Me

I'm Lela work in Travel Agency in Egypt

About your Question i want to tell you for sure its more safe Visit Cairo for all nationality not Amercian and we can stay in theMornig in the Street without be Afraid from Anything i can prepare to you the Cra and teh Private driver for you also will stay with you in during the Visits Guide to give to you all the information and answrer all your question then also during the stay with you the leader who this be with u in any time

Best Regards
Waiting your Soon Reply
Dear Mr or Mrs

For sure its safe for any nationality you can come any time and welcome i Egypt
yes why not Egypt is the safest country in the world,Its people are very kind and they would like to help tourists.
well it is a weird question coz Egypt have been recieving tourists since a long time.. and ehmm.. most of them returned back safe.. so come and be sure that it will be safe :)
***dear monarch444 egypt is one of the most attractive distinations in the world and alot of travelers r comming every year no every day,so donot think like that otherwise u willnot travel to most of the countries in the world.
***try to ask any american visited egypt befor if u donot trust our answers.
***hope to see u her and will be very happy to help u.
enjoy you time ,you choose the best place where you can enjoy safety,comfortable,good time and others that you will see,to be more sure ask your friends who visited egypt.
Ur own kid could play in the streets with his friends late till 3 am as example ... and am afraid this is not possible in the states ... so let the fear away get ur mom ur hole family if u liked and come to Egypt u will never regret it ..
I can ask the same question but as a Romanian. Bad people wont ask for your passport first to see what's your citizenship... But I am sure that people from that great and full of hystory and mistery country - Egipt - will welcome you and treat you as an Egiptean King! I see this also from their warm and friendly messages here. One day I will have to travel to Egipt too, so I am preparing my trip starting from here. Until then I'd like to find Egiptean friends coming to Romania! You are very welcomed!
Thanks Teodor for your nice words, I'm really looking forward to meet you whnever you come to Egypt or I come to Romania.
thanks for this nice words and u welcome to Egypt any time
yeah man the Egyptian people like always to welcome thier guests so come to Egypt and u will see the treatment of Its people.
Welcome to Romania, Hatem and anyone else from your country! Just let me know before you come.
All the best to all of you,
Hi buddy. I am working as a tour leader since long time i been with lots of American around Egypt one of them a girl travel by her self Egypt was her first trip oversea and she enjoyed it.
Sure there isn`t much if any hostility in egypt against foreigners i can tell because i am myself half foreigner here...

The Pyramids are a nice sight to see and high security will guarantee you safe passage
i think u should stay in ur country and see pyramids from the T.V
You are mostly welcome anytime,Egyptian pepole are alawys famous with their hospitality for everybody
hey how r u doin?? you are welcome any time to egypt. egypt is one of the safest places on earth . you can walk day or night in the street without any fear at all. many americans visit egypt every year, actually i have many forgein friends who are living and working in egypt. you can come and visit the country any time of the year..u can enjoy watching pyramids and dont forget to go to sharm and hughada
take her , and dont worry here is very save ,but dont come in march because its very windy , and im sure u dont want ur mum to taste egyptian sand !!!, have funn and come in april and enjoy the sun and dont forget to take her to spa and get for her kliopatra bath
yes , it is soo safe, specially for Americans
Off you and your family are in safe hands !!!! Once you are in harm can reach unless it is God's will..just joking !!!Tourist are most welcomed and our people love to help and assist any come over and enjoy Egypt!!!
Egypt is 100% safe all the tourists are here watishong the pyramids and all the fabulous sights in egypt
Please check our website and you will find what you need
Please check our website and you will find what you need
Everything about egypt Travels and Tours

yes ofcourse , u r welcomed anytime
its safe here in egypt , and just like any country in the world , things happen randomly
so no reason for fear
yes it's safe and u will enjoy alot
let me first say helloo egypt is so safe for american or any other nationality and there r alot of checks for ur safe in every where in egypt so if u needed any help just contact me and i will help u
Sure, it's safe. Egypt is safe anytime of year. We have good relations with people around the world. Egyptians are the most friendly people on Earth. It's safe for anybody to visit Egypt, you're welcome anytime :)
actually its more safer than the u.s.a and dont hesitate for a second,it is secured and police tourism every where and specially for americans,so let your mother see the pyramids cause its one of the 7 wonders that all people dream to see ,dont worry!!!
yea its safe and you and your mom will have lot of fun not just at the pyramids there is many places else you can visit if you wanna relax and enjoy the beauty of the natural you can go to Sed sea and you will have lot of fun here
you can email me at if you want any more Questions your Friend Mustafa haikal
of course it safe & you are welcome in egypt egyptian is very helpful and cuite you can walk inthe street day and night without fear every thing is beautiful in egypt
sure dear its safe and you and your mother are warmly welcomed
hey there egypt too safe all the time and welcome any time
yours - SHEVA
I think it is safe , good luck

Enjoy your time


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