Hi :)...can u tell me if the border market is only second hand items or new items as well? can i transport stuff back to bangkok?

I am looking to buy wholesale handbags, new bags not used ones........can i get in the border market? is it cheap in border market or in bangkok?.............and if i buy lots of bags there how can i transport it back to bangkok?


City: Ban Non Sombun

Province: Sa Kaeo

Country: Thailand


The border market is copies of everything, cheap and from China.
Go to MBK in Bangkok and ask the traders there, they should be able to help you with all your questions.
To get them transported, use a taxi meter and make sure the meter is running before you get in the taxi. Be aware of scams though.
thanks for the reply.................aret meter taxi's gonna be quite expnsive considering the long distance to bangkok?................cant i transport about three cubic metres by train?
Yes you can also use the train or self drive mini van. It would be up to you.
Nope don't go to the border market. They only have fake brands bags. I sell bags onlne. I always go to Platinum shopping mall. They're cheap there. Some shops they have their own factory too.
Thanks for the reply........what website do u sell bags on?
To my experience MBK, Platinum, PrathuNam and Chatuchak are suitable places to look at. Try surfing the Internet as well as Khun Rata has suggested.
work the price out carefully, as exchange rates are bad at the moment, also buying fake goods they could be confiscated when you leave the country.
Platinum, Pratunam and Bai Yok tower 2 is the best place as you can find bags as most shops are retailer and whole sellers. Some of them own their own factories. They usually keep stockists. If you want to ship the goods out of Bangkok, there is a service I use all the time in Soi Phetburi 19 called Eagles. They ship everything to everywhere.If you need specific styles of bags, send me a message, I can give you further recommendation.
Thanks for the information Narisra................also do u know where the local sellers in platinum mall get their stuff.........i understand some of them have their own factory, what about th others? where do they buy from?...........

I was in bangkok last month and i bought about 200 bags from platinum mall but not everyone there is willing to reduce prices even when u buy in's in a airconditioned mall so i';m sure their overheads are quite high which shows in the prices as there another wholesale market ? is the chatuchak market good for hand bags? and the bai yok tower 2, is that for expensive bags or all kinds of bags.............i'm looking for bags inbetween the range of 150 - 500 baht........thanks again for ur reply :)

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