Hello. Is't hard to find a work as english teacher if you are not a native speaker? How can i find such a work? What salary they...

...may offer? Is it much different in cities and villages? My english is better than upper intermediate and i may still learn more before i go. I'm making my life plans...So if i will go it will be after 2 yrs. Thank, for any advice.


Country: Thailand


Hello Anna,

What I understand about English Teaching, it is not really that hard to find a teaching job, even though you are not a native, as long as you have the minimum requirement for it, such as English Teaching Certification. For example, here in Indonesia, I think the number or local English Teacher is higher than the native.
In Thailand, some school will ask for a degree as an English Teacher, but if you tried to go through the suburb, say Northern Thai or Southern Thai, you might find opportunity there. But again you must be certified.
About the certification itself, it is also not difficult to get. You can take an online English Teaching Course. Try to look at
They may advise you with teaching job also by the end of the course.

Hope this is help.
Good luck!
Oyea... About the salary, yes, it is normally higher in big cities and less in the villages but I am sure it will also depend on performance and experience :)
Hello Anna
For all the teaching information regarding Thailand, questions answers and forums, try this website. It is excellent for all your questions.

Hope this helps you ?
It's not so bad, I konw many non-native speakers working as English teachers.

Basically, if you fit the profile, white, tall, fun, attractive, and presentable, you'll get a job. (Not reing racist, just stating the facts.).

Although having said that, I also know many Indians and Filipinos working here as well, doing just as well.

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