How much would it cost to send a text message from Spain to Portugal?

I know that it costs 30p to send a text message from Majorca to home, but will it be the same cost if I'm going to send the message to someone in Portugal? Would it be cheaper?


Country: Portugal


Costs very much depend on a number of factors - Mobile phone operator you are sending from and to + roaming charges if you are using your home phone abroad. Sorry can't be more specific. Cheapest way is to use SMS messages from a skype account.
it should be the same price, i can't help you more without knowing wich carrier you have and what plan your using in your carrier.
depends on different factors: carrier you use, contract you are on, roaming has very cheap sms fees with good amount of text and some other voip service providers will send sms for free as long as you have some credit in your voip account - eg 10€ amount to charge you account for first time, then as long as you have even 50 c in your account you can sms for free...voipbuster is one of many...check them out!
Agree with Robert Hamilton.
The best thing is for you to get this info from your carrier.
It depends what kind of contract you have set up with your provider. It has nothing to do with Portugal.
It depend on our mobil operator, and if you are in roaming or not, but tipicaly, it woud cost abaut 30 cts
This is a question for your operator.
For example my operator charges the same for text messages to all other EC countries.
That depends on your spanish network. From Portugal to Spain it cost aproximately 0.60€.
same costs inless using a local sim card
It all depends on the company. I suggest you ask them before sending any mensagem or check out the phone rates on the internet.

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