I'm planning to go for a vacation to Bulgaria. 1. Can anyone suggest me a good part to visit? (exclusively along the seaside) 2....

...From Budapest should i go by car or with plane? 3. Will I find jet-ski rentals there? :)


Country: Bulgaria


...during the summer
If you like more luxury places you should visit Sunny beach or Golden Sands, but I personally suggest to go south and visit Sozopol, and all the small villages on the southern seaside.
Budapest is not so far, you can see the distance here( ) and if I were you I'll go with car.
There are jet-ski rentals on every bigger beach :)
Hi, Sandor

About driving from Budapest to Varna is better to ask :

About good parts along Bulgarian seaside - I don't know your tastes and preferencies to advice you, but there are many different kinds of places - I'm shure, you'll find yours.

About jet-ski - almost all resorts offer jet-ski rentals, you can find it practically everywhere.

Welcome to Bulgaria :)
Hi Sandor! You better visit the most distant north and south seaside - they are still clean and not taken by developers. You can also visit Irakli, still beautiful place, still virgin!
Of course, if you want night life, noise and crowd, you should go to Golden Sands, Sunny Beach, Nessebar, Varna and Bourgas of course, and many many others!
Have fun:) Enjoy your stay in Bulgaria!
Hallo Javorszky Sandor,
For travelling from Budapest to Varna there are many possibilities - check with is the best.

Should you prefer to be on the road - yes, it is an additional experience and more places to visit along the way. All dependes on your taste. In terms of expenses - the difference would be very small.

Concerning where to go along the Balck sea coast - go all over, any place you will find attractive and interesting for summer holiday + cultural monuments and events. It is again depending on your taste. You certainly will find your place.

Yes, jet-ski rental you can find almost everywhere.

Note, Varna will dissapoint you - local problems with road conditions there.
Can you give me some hint about the prices (hotels, apartments, restaurants, beach activities)?
Hi Sandor,
nice to see that you are interested in my country:) Summer season is great in Bulgaria. Surely your choice is dependent on your preferences and budget, but I have some suggestions:
1. Are you seeking for tranquil place, virgin natural surroundings, landmarks and azure sea-Sozopol and Nessebar should be a choice! Personally I love Sozopol-it is livelly, but not overcrowded-there some unspoilt beaches nearby, about some 2km from the resort-Kavacite and Zlatna Ribka /some people keen on camping usually holiday there, so I don't like it so much/
Sozopol has many lively bars, its old name is Apolonia /derived from the God Apolon/, many events take place during the night and there are lovely narrow cobblestone streets with houses from Bulgarian Revival period
The resort is divided into 2- old and modern part
Nearby there is a small resort which has been established as a major landmark
Nessebar combines both partying, antiquity and perfect conditions for best summer holiday-I recommend it to you if you are party person, because you may either rest while strolling the promenade, choose a disco or go to Sunny Beach which is very near
Even if you are extremely party person, there is place for you-Sunny Beach
Bear in mind that it may be overcrowded and rather dangerous sometimes because of drunk people
Pomorie summer resor combines SPA, perfect sea and many places to see. The Salt Museum is located there. I like it very much
2. Well, in my point of view you may book with easyjet or another low-cost carriage to get great price, book well in advance however
The main advantage of driving is that you will see many places on the way and besides you will not be constrained by transfers and such stuff. In other words, you are stying in Nessebar, then one day head to somewhere else to change the atmosphere and explore more places. My point view is-if you intend to travel with someone else, then it worth driving:)
3. Surely you will find jet-ski rentals. I would like to mention that you should be attentive, because not all local people are hospitable, they may try to defraud you :( So check all offers and be careful.
Should you wish to obtain more info about resorts and have a look at some photos from Sozopol, I invite you to check this FB profile:

Besides you may snap up an offer and more importantly personal care
I would like to hear from you what you will choice and what is your opinion:) Good luck
Hello i am living in Bourgas area and i think the best is my area because there is a sea part and mountain part ass well ! If you want i can find you a cheep villa or apartment also i am a pro guide so you 'll have great time for relax or shopping ,diving ,flying ,hunting everything!!! +359878501044
Hello, Sandor!

I would recomend you to visit the south if you like more nature, if you want to be far from the big hotels and resorts.Very big resorts with lots of noise and different oportunities for accommodation are Sunny Beach,Golden Sands, Nesebar.But I would recomend you to stay in smaller resotrs.In both you can enjoy your time well and not only go to the beach but have fun in diskos,bars,clubs,restorants, go shoping, meet local culture.
About the way you come here- you can travel by car( if you like driving) and this way you can see more from the country.You can also come by plane ( the best price is by wizz air ) or by bus.There are buses directly to the resorts and also buses only Budapest -Sofia.If you buy the ticket for a airplanenow, you will get the best price.
If you write me what exactly you are looking for ( as interests, quality) I can give you a detailed answer and even help you with this trip.
You can write me on my email

Kind regards
Hi Sandor,
My suggestion for you is to visit Varna - the sea capital of Bulgaria.There are various opportunities for various interests - very good nightlife, nice beaches - some trendy, some remote and quiet, interesting museums ( one of them is the Archeological museum, where the oldest gold treasure in the world is displayed ), very nice sea garden with a lot of attractions and beautiful nature, as well as hotels at affordable prices. Pretty close to Varna are some well-known resorts like Golden Sands ( 15 km), St. St. Konstantin and Helena (10 km), Albena ( 30 km).There is one rock monastery in the area. During the summer season a lot of intresting events are organized.
I really recommend you to visit Varna and you ll remain really pleased. If you need further assistance, you could write to me at this e-mail address:
You may take a trip going from romanian border down among the beach and visit places that you'll be interested in personally. My suggestion is to see Balchik, Varna, with surrouning Golden Sands resort and Albena.
After you may go south to Burgas, close to it are Nessebar, Sunny Beach, Sozopol, most of them combine the ancient town style and contemporary hotels and water parks.
We Just came back from Burgas.
The place and the people are Excellent.
Loverly Sea and parks.
We stayed at the south of the city between the lakes in a small hotel in the country side.
Visit Sozopolis. Its beautiful.
Have a nice trip
Hi, Sandor,

I believe that if one is looking for cultural activities by the seaside there is no better place than Varna, where you can combine a pleasant stay with sun bathing and getting to know the some of the oldest Europian civilizations.
I am a professional guide, based in Varna, and one of my best associates - hungarian speakin guide - and I can assist you with booking or anything that you need to know about Varna.
Have a great stay in Bulgaria!

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