I'm applying for a work permit for Singapore. Do I need to take a health exam?

What other things do I need to accomplish before I can go and work in their country?


Country: Singapore


Firstly, to apply a work permit here in Singapore, you need to secure a job here first. I hope you have gotten that=)

Only then, if im not mistaken, you will have to go through Health Check-ups once you settled in Singapore.

But if not and wish to come to Singapore to look for a job, you could apply for the Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate (EPEC). EPEC grants the holder a Social Visit Pass valid for up to one year. The EPEC is issued on a one-time basis and is strictly non-renewable.

If you have any more enquires.. i suggest a few websites that could help you=)


hi erin,
Singapore's MOM (ministry of Manpower) has some guideline on this issue, that I think you could browse at your own time. You could surely get all the info needed.

A demo of the steps and guideline are also available:-

hope this link helps
You will need an letter of offer from your company. Health examination report in order to apply for a work permit.
More details at

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