I am travelling with a party of 5 to Throggs neck ( Bronx ), New York. I am looking for an apartment or bed & breakfast for 5 days.


City: New York

State: New York

Country: United States


I''m not very familiar with that area (I only pass over the bridge from time to time) but I was able to get a reasonable number of reviews by going to and entering the search "bed and breakfast in bronx ny"

I tried entering Throgs Neck as well, but it didn't find anything. I did see listings (from the search above) that look to be within a few miles of throgs neck though.
Thank you.This is a helpful tip.
if you have aaa you can go to most motels and get a discount
I would check out It is a great site and allows you stay in great apartments all over the city (as well as around the world).

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