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I'll be visiting Vienna with a few friends on 1/3/09. We'll be staying at hotel Mate Dependance on Bergsteiggasse street. Could you tell me if there are bars/discos at a walking distance from that hotel, where we could go for the night? 10x


Country: Austria


I am approx 5 hours from Vienna so am unable to give you an answer to your question however, if you check out your hotels website the may have some local information on there.

Sorry I cant help

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Vienna is full of bars & clubs of all tastes. They are not hard to find. If not speaking German there are even English & Australian pubs. But nearly every one speaks English as a 2nd Language.
They have late night trams and bus running. So if yoiu want to stay out a little longer then planed there is always that option.
Just remember....

The nearest Metro station is the Metro nr 6 Alser strasse.
You can also reach us by tram 44 or 43.

Thats to your hotel.

Hope that is of help.
hi! your hotel is very close to the gürtel (a street around the greater center of vienna) and you will find many bars along it. (The subway U6 is running above this street and the bars are beneath the subway)
In general vienna is not so big and you can reach 300+ bars or discos within 45mins walking distance, but as mentioned above you can just go by subway or tramway until about midnight and there are nightbusses all through the night after that. (you can even try without paying, ive lived in vienna for 9yrs and my ticket was checked 4 times in 9 yrs! ;) costs you 60€ though, if you get caught ...)
here is a website with a "program" of vienna's nightlife

you enter the kind of music you'd like to hear in the field "stichwort" and it will tell you the bars where you can go...
the best known disco in vienna is the FLEX, but it is a bit far from your hotel to walk. it has some kind of underground disco feeling and mostly plays electric music... check out the homepage
you can also check out and find people there who will go out with you and show you around if you dont find anyone on localyte
(i will probably not be in vienna that day)

cheers, patrick
Thanks for the info, was of big help and hopefully we'll have great time in your city (even if short :)!
In addition to Patricks post, as his tipps are actually essential for going out in vienna, i know that in a walking distance of max. 5 min from your hotel there are two rather traditional beer pubs. They are simple and i wouldnt be surprised if the waiters aren't too familiar with the english language, but they have a certain "viennese flair" so maybe its something you could start up with.

The first pub is on Geblergasse 60, called "Bierklinik". From your hotel its down Bergsteiggasse, across the Hernalser Hauptstraße until the first intersection, there you take a right turn (Geblergasse)and i think the pub should be on the first corner.

Second one's called "Bierig", you reach it by walkin up Bergsteiggasse, cross Jörgerstraße, take the first to the left, and again the first to the right then u're there, the pub's located on the left side of Klavierenberggasse, and i think its number 40.

So if you like beer, i guess those two arent too bad after all, maybe you'll check it out. Hope you enjoy your stay.

Best regards

I'm not quite sure if everybody can see my reply or just you, but wanted to thank you too for the help and I think will give this pubs a try :)
Well it depends on your preferences. A good area to start at is Schwedenplatz there are many bars in this area. One bar called Casablanca which has live music every night(mostly covers). There are also many Irish bars, some trendy, some trashy, some young and trashy, so I'm gonna need some more details on your likes and dislikes. Then I can recommend them to you. Pasage is a loungey trendy cool bar that plays good dance music.
As far as walking distance not to sure from where you are at. I would definitely get a subway map and go from there. You should start early the trains stop running around midnight. So if you give me more details about your style of nightlife i can assist you further

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