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how far above sea level is it. What is the climate like. What do people wear? What languages do they speak? What do they eat?


Country: Peru


Hi Kitty, Peru is a big country and we have mountains, jungle and coast, also you have to eat a variety of food, mabe one of the best of the world.

I leave in Mancora, at north of Peru in the beach 300 days of sun in a year, you can eat the popular ceviche betwen a lot of other products,

Here you can surf, kite, fishing, and at night excelent partys.

About the languaje we talk spanish, but many people talk english also.

We wait for you.


IPeru is just above sea level, I mean cero.
It's summer time here till the middle of April aprox. so the heat is strong, somedays near 86 farenhait degrees.
We speak spanish. Out food is delicious, most of our plates are prepared with meat, chicken, rice,potatoes, pepper and more.
My city cusco (the best city in south america) is at 3300 metres, our climate is always dry, rainy from jan to march, and cold at nights, people wear warm clothes always, most of the people speak spanish, but a lot of people speak quechua... our food is really good, im a chef so i can say that.. if u want to know anything else just write me:
Hi, the principal airport is in Lima, and this city is on the coast just next to the ocean. We have many climates, because we have three regions (coast, mountain and jungle) and in the ocean two water currents, so depends where you wanna go, or visit what you need to wear.
We speak spanish and most of the people used, but we still have precolumbian language and in some villages and town inside the country used (like quechua, aymara, etc.)
We eat the same as in other countries (chicken, fish, meat, vegetables, soups, rice, noodles, etc) but well spiced and tastefully... you'll love.
Hi!! well first of all, IN Peru the level above the sea is 0, its summer time in here, the weather is HOT o SUNNY, the sun comes out every day and u can goto the beautiful beaches we hace on our pacific coast. You might wanna be wearing short skirts, short t-shirts, cuz its so hot in here. We speak Spanish, its our first languege,but, there are some people yet, who speaks quechua, the most ancient language. Our Exquisit food it made with a lot of different species, like salt, pepper, etc. we use a lot, the chicken, meat,and rice...
above sea level: o! the climate is very diverse.. the climate on the coast is subtropical and the region receives very little rainfall. The Andes have a cool climate with rainy summers and very dry winters. Summers in the coast are characterized by hot, humid and sunny conditions,with occasional afternoon and nocturnal rainshowers (and its summer right now :D)The warmest period occurs from January through to March and the coolest period from July through to September. ppl wear probably the same as you...actually a large amount of the cotton clothes seen in the US are made in Peru (Cacharel, Polo, Armani, etc.)
There are a few local things, like for example: Ponchos. (Yes, like the ones you use for the rain) Ponchos are made of Alpaca wool and used in the high altitudes. You won't see many in the coast, but you'll see a lot of them in the Andes. We speak mostly spanish, in the andes you can find ppl talking in quechua (inca's language) and aymara (in puno and some places in the amazon jungle.. u can find english peruvian speakers too :D
we eat a fish meat potatoes tomatoes soups rice ice creams cookies lettuce people.. no, we dont..
I live in Cusco, 3,400 m.a.s.l. things here are like this: January to March: Rainy season
April to June: Dry season
July to September: Cold and Windy season
Talking about food people here keep their tradition in food but no worries because if you are not interested in you could find food as you like.
Our language is Spanish but people in high communities still speak Quechua our ancient language and how you see some we speak English. If you ask about Cusco, the first answer is going to be about Incas and you will be able to visit all our ancient heritage like the archealogical sites in Sacred Valley also Machupicchu
Hi Kitty. The Peru geography is varied, having great variety in terrain and weather patterns. You can see at some examples of that.

For learn a little about our culture and food yo can visit this link:

We speak spanish but you will find a lot of english spokers all over the country.

Dear Kitty
Peru has 48 of the total 53 types of enviroments in the whole world , so u can imagine that your question is pretty wide to asnwer.
In general , Peru is divided in 3 regions ,
The shore: at sea level, the wheather is pretty warm but with load of humidity from mx 30 ºc to min 13 cº ,known cities of the shore are Lima (the capital), Trujillo, Mancora, Ica , Nazca , etc , it is very common that people go to the shore on summer time to go to the beach . Everybody speaks spanish y we dress like regular people, with coats when its cold and tshits & shorts when its hot.
then we have the mountains, which is basically cold and rainy and a dry weather. Famous cities here are cuzco, arequipa , huancayo , puno & ayacucho. People who live there keep most of the ancient andean/inkas traditions, and also speak quechua, exotic food from the andes might include llama & ginea pig . This cities can be 3600 m above sea level. And then we have the jungle, which is pretty hot &rainy . In general everybody speaks spanish and the food is pretty good wherever u go ;)
first of all let me tell you that peru has it all :mountains jungle and cost.and we speak spanish but where i live in cusco where machupicchu is .we speak quechua as well (our mother language)now peru has many differents type of meals depends where you are in peru each region has different things where i live we have our traditional roast geaneapig with stuff chili pepper ..i think you should come and enjoy peru is a nice country we are very nice people too just come and enjoy your esperience with local people
Hi Kitty:

Peru is one of the most diverse countries in the planet, so the answer can`t be EASY.

I suggest you to check wikipedia and/or

I live in Lima, the capital and main city, which is at sea level, with a GREAT OCEAN VIEW, the Lima`s weather is very uncomun, because never rains, never is too hot never is too like SPRING most of the year, we speak spanish but will be no problem if you speak english because most Limeños speak it, in a simple way, as a second language.

If you want to know WHAT WE EAT...wauuu thats one of the best points of visitng will find the BEST FOOD IN THE REGION ( LATINAMERICA ), plenty of tasty dishes for you to explore new flavors go to and you will find everything about what we eat, after that you will want to REMAIN IN LIMA FOR EVER!!!
hi, this is one of the most diverse places you could find.
coasts montains jungle, the food is also very diverse, the fish dishes are all excellent.
the same with the weather, its a big country so has lots of different climates.
it is worth travelling round and seeing all aspects.
it actually depends where u r.. i'm from lima so we r right next to the beach... but if u go up in the mountains or to the jungle.. different story!!!
we wear the same as u guys... at least here on the coast.. clothing can be quite different up in the mountains and in some parts of the jungle.. but not in the cities.. just in small towns...
Umm, our main languague is spanish.. but there's tons of native languagues such as quechua, aymara.. etc..
and about the food.. it depends on the region where u are... here in lima seafood is amazing... so.. good luck and come to Peru!!! it rocks i can assure u!!!
google it. That is not the kind of questions we suppose to answer. Come on!!
Where about are you going?
It depends about what city do you want to know!!

First of all, I will begin in the north of the country and we slide down through coast, mountains and jungle.

I'll show at least 20 different cities. Have good time!
Hi, in Peru you can find many levels above the sea level, for example Lima, the main city, is almost at sea level, you can find beaches here. But in Cusco you are more than 3400 meters above sea level, so it depends on what kind of travel you want.
About the wear, we use regular wear, like any other country in Latin America, there is nothing special about the wear.
The language is spanish in almost all the country, there are also places where people talks in Quechua, but many of them speak in spanish too. In hotels and many restaurants in the main cities you can also speak in english, specially if you are in a "touristic zone". About the food, there is a variety of food in Peru, it depends the place you go.
But don't worry, you can find international food in almost main city in the country, and places like Mc Donalds, Burger King or Pizza Hut, don't worry about the food.
my friend we have from 00 to 5500 meters from the sea level so think about what you wanna do. i wear only quiksilver clothing but in the same town (cusco) you will find many diferent peolpe. i speak spanish english french italian portuguese and some quechua and dutch but you will find that maybe some mothers only speak quechua sooo depend on what people you wanna talk with. and i eat everything specially CEBICHE but my cousin is vegetarian soooo pleaseee.....
If you are planning to come here by this season, yoy should bring just summer clothes, and also a good sunblock haha,the best place to go during summer in the coast is Mancora at the north of the country. Also, if you are planning to visit the highlands bring a coat and a good pair of pants. Finally for the jungle, just be sure to had all the medical requirements that you can ask at the airport in order to be prepare for tropical illness. About the food, there's a lot of dishes, each one of them better than the other, and like this.. personally I'd say that the coast meal is the best one. Try ceviche! it's amazing!
Peru has one of the most varied ecosystems in the word. Goes from costal desert to amazonian jungle to high mountains. Form sea-level to 18,000 ft above sea level. Peru was colonized by Spaniards so Spanish (or Castilian as we call it here) is the main language. But Quechua, the language of the Inca is also an official language, and widely spoken in the highlands. The jungle area may have dozens or hundreds of languages/dialects, no one knows for sure. Food and clothing are also very diverse. Peru has probably one of the most astonishingly varied cuisines in earth, easily comparable in diversity to Mexico, China or France. Come and visit!

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