What do you think is the most beautiful coastal city in Portugal?

Hi, my friend and I wish to visit Portugal and stay there for about a week. Can you recommend a nice coastal city we could stay in? I can see very nice pictures of places in Portugal and deciding where to go is very hard. A suggestion would be nice. Thank you very much!


Country: Portugal


No doubt, at this time of the year, the best coastal town to visit in Portugal should be Cascais. Very near Lisbon, about 30 minutes by train, you have the options of Cascais, Estoril and further inland the village of Sintra, which is considered to be a "world heritage" by UNESCO.Preferred location of Lord Byron, Sintra is a "must". Staying in Cascais you can see all this and much more. Restaurants, hotels and sightseeing.
Costa Vicentina , in the costa of Alentejo, is one of the moste nice ;-) You can stay in Vila Nova de Milfontes and have greate sea and geate fun :-) call if u neead anything, and Welcom to Sunny Portugal;-). If you whant to visit and stay some days in Lisboa, look for my apartemente in
best regards

Maria Pereira
Sintra, Estoril, Cascais, Ericeira, Portinho da Arrábida, Zambujal, Vila Nova de Mil Fontes, Santa Cruz, São Pedro de Moel, Cascais and Tavira are the runners up. My top ten, the winner is Estoril but you have to know the ins and Outs
Porto in the North is wonderfull but if you want it warmer try Tavira on the Algarve coast which is a wonderfull old town.
Hi! If you like small peaceful places with cliffy beaches - try Odeceixe, Porto Covo or Zambujeira do Mar. I also recommend places like Tavira and Vila Nova de Milfontes, they are great, but also much more visited.
I would suggest Porto, it's not the capital but it's realy nice to see the the ocean and also the river.
In my modest opionin also you can visit Algarve, there are a lot of beaches and the nature is wilder, this kind of coastl is bit different from the other suggestion becouse here the key point is the nature.
I would sugest north Portugal - Oporto, Povoa do Varzim, Viana do Castelo if you try a little cool weather, but with a nices beach sea cost with all turistic facility.
Otherwise you can also try Lisbon and coming up north and run till North Spain - Vigo by sea coast.
You could try Center City - Coimbra and sea near villages but not so many appointed due over crossing people on days fully working.
Any way the food and free wild life is better on Norht than south.
Hi Anita,teres so much to you to see,but i advised firmly to visit Aveiro,is one one of the most beautiful cities inPortugal.Aveiro is usually called the "Portuguese Venice" because of its chanels witn tipical boats,where you can go for a tour,their very nice,the salt mines,the architecture,the people arevery warm.but most of all its a place where you can find a multicultural places,like bars,restaurants,discos and nice people.You can stay in one of the many hotels in the city like the Melia Aveiro,near the "Ria de Aveiro",its beautiful.well i hope you have the time to visit us sometime,you want regret it,see you here,bye.
Hi! Well, it depends on your character...
Most of portuguese and foreign people use to choose Algarve, the southest region of Portugal. It has indeed wonderful beaches and it is maybe the best region in what concernes the number of touristic facilities.
However, Portugal has a wonderful coast, from North to South and, for me, my preferred on is, no doubt, Arrábida, which stays next to Setúbal, 50 km from Lisboa. It is no doubt wildest (not the most known beaches, but those which can be reached only by foot) and the mountain is absolutely amazing! Setúbal itself is not very nice, but you can try to stay at Sesimbra, some kms far from Setúbal, which is a smaller village also close to the sea.
If you need more tips please tell me, I will be pleased to get them for you.
Hi Anita.
I would suggest the Alentejo coast because of its beautiful white sand beaches but the towns are very small with not much to see or do.
I live close to Cascais - awesome beaches (Guincho) and the Sintra hills very close. You are also very close to Lisbon and Sintra city itself - an amazing place (plenty of tourists but worth visiting).
From my place - Malveira da Serra - you can hike to the beach and hit Sintra´s trails in 2 minutes.
Good luck. Pedro
It dependes what you are looking for, but if you want something a bit larger, go for Cascais (near Lisbon) or Tavira in the Algarve. Small and laid back on the western coast is Zambujeira do Mar. A bit north is Vila Nova de Milfontes, which gets touristy in summer though.
This time of the year I can recommend the Algarve. Already lots of sunshine and the Almond trees are beautiful and everything is more colorful and lovely. The town to settle is Lagos from where you have good possibilities for daily excursions also in land. Please let me know if you need any more information.
the best coastal town to visit in Portugal should be Cascais. Very near Lisbon, about 30 minutes by train, if you want to be in the North. The weather will be better in the Algarve. I live in Lagos around 40 minutes and a great base for the western coast and the beaches of the algarve and lAGOS has and great nightlife without the over development of say Vilamoura or Alberfuia
Hi, Porto was voted one of the most attractive and culture rich city in Norway. It´s great and you have fantastic beaches, great food, great welcoming people, lot´s of culture activities and of course, great wines from the Douro region! If you decide to come and visit Porto,I would be glad to give you all the information you need!
Anita, like some people recomende u, my favorite place in portugal is costa vicentina!!! Arrifana is the best to surf, to relax... if u need, call me, and i'll give u a good location to stay... but u have to come to Lisbon to!!!
Well, there are lots of recommendations and a few favourites showing their faces:) so, I will add Ericeira, Peniche and Nazaré on the Estremadura coast north of Lisbon and then just head north along the coast via Aveiro and Porto, Vianna de Castelo and across the border to Vigo - what an adventure - that way you can get comfort, nature, local restaurants, a boat trip up the Douro River - oh so beautiful - and end up in Spain! By the way, there are lots of flights in and out of Porto airport too...
Nice coastal city would be .... Lisbon. A fantastic city with 3000 years of history... museums, amazing night life, superb food and wines. From there you can hire a car and visit Sintra, go south to alenteijo and Serra de Arrabida, Azeitao etc... you can go local and travel by coach if you travel on a budget... look for last minute deals in the Pousadas which is a state run network of fortified casteles turned into luxury hotels....
With previous answers believe you still very confused. All depends what are your expectations.
On the south of Portugal Algarve is in the low season and Lagos is the most beautiful, down town still protected from the ugly modern touristic buildings.
Setúbal on the west cost, 40 Km (30 minutes auto bond) down south of Lisbon, has one of the most beautiful bays. River Sado Bay is classified in the World Most Beautiful Bays International Club . Also you can sail in Sado traditional boats and look all the beauty from the seaside.
Cosmopolite Cascais is near Lisbon and Setúbal.
Hope I had sent you some light.
Linha de Cascais (near Lisbon)
I can only speak for Algarve. Lagos and Tavira are very pleasant 'slow cities'.
Hi Anita,

You know I noticed on a recent advertising campaign for tourism within Portugal that there are 495 beaches (or something like that!) - so it would not surprise me if you get 495 answers!!

I live in Lisbon so I love being close to Cascais and Sintra - truly beautiful and so accessible.

My other favourite coastal spot is Sagres. It is right on the bottom corner of Portugal and you have the ocean on 3 sides!!

It's still not overdeveloped and has a very relaxed atmosphere. We hired bikes and cycled around. Plus the 'Forteza' has the most amazing promentary with the ocean racing in under the rocks under your feet and making this primal roar that I think would make a great CD!

Hi Anita,

To me the most nice coastal place to visit in portugal is Sagres. Is a small town in Algarve. Very calm, natural, only small houses. Sagres is the best choice if your looking for rest and spend a quiet sunny holidays.
Well, Anita, much has been said by the nice people of Localyte. It's really up to you. It is extremely important that you tell us when you're planning to come and what are your favourite activities. Or else everybody, including me, can only try to guess your preferences.


Algarve - warm weather, plenty of tourist activities and a lot of people in the summer. Top cities are Tavira and Lagos but these are quite small.

Alentejo coast - hot in the summer, peace and quiet all-year round, small nice villages.

Near Lisbon - Cascais, Estoril and Sintra are perhaps the three best places for you to visit and they are very close to each other. Lisbon is just half an hour away and from here you can also visit an interior small lovely city. My Évora, 140 km away (1 hour by train).

North - Porto is lovely and you'll have a lot to do.

Hope I have helped. Feel free to ask me for more advice.

Enjoy Portugal.
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Hi Anita,i tnihk you really should visit Portugal,it is a beatiful country,full of textures.In a first place,the Aveiro coastal its very interesting where you still can see the salt lakes where the salt is extracted.Then ,up north you Prto,this beuatiful city has the river with its typical boats,called "Rabelo";you could visit too,the sea and the delta of "Rio Douro".Ihope you enjoy itbye.

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