Which S.E Asian country should I select for my honeymoon?

We want good fun and adventure activities,beaches and nice resorts. Which place is better, Thailand or Malaysia? Which place there is best?


Country: Thailand


if I'm the one to choose i prefer THAILAND.

check this out about THAILAND.--

or you can compare also malaysia

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happy trip...
Well I would recommend Thailand as I live here and like to traveling. There are so many things to do and there are plenty of nice beaches and beautiful resort and spas for your honeymoon period. Beaches in the south or east coast will be the great one. If you wanna any specific details, please feel free to let me know. I can show you all details you need!!

Thailand by far! transport, hotel, and choice of activities beats Malaysia on every level. Time of the year you intend to travel is a big factor on where to go as Thailand experiences 2 moonsoon. The Adaman coast is best between Novoember and May(prices a bit cheaper and resort are a bit quieter around May). Krabi would be an good choice as there is so much to do around there, and there is a great variety of hotels catering for honeymoon couples. It is also one of the most scenic province in Thailand.
I have been to Malaysia a couple of times and I live in Thailand. I have to say that you will be much better off in Thailand. I live on Phuket, one of the best beach destinations in
Thailand. My apartment is about 5 minutes from Bang Tao beach in the northern part of the island. From Phuket you can have easy access to all the best beaches and islands such as Phi Phi and Coral Island. Krabi is only a short distance from Phuket as well by boat or bus. The activities on and around Phuket are quite numerous and cater to honeymooning couples with enthusisam. If you would like more info... just let me know... I can help find hotel and tours and transportation to basically where ever you want to go in Thailand. I also have traveled quite extensivly in the northern part of Thailand as well. There are many many things to see and do all over Thailand.
Thailand for sure! Not becuz im Thai but in general if u wanna have a nice resort..service., beach with all the facilities and nice activities and most importnatly! nice people! I just want to say that in my opinion Thai ppl r more friendly.

Also Laos is really nice! there r lots of resort, waterfall...beautiful landscape..that's amazing. Well just incase u r not looking for beach only.

Hope this helps

I have traveled through both but I Love Thailand. Malaysia has some excellent beaches and good food but Thailand with it's hospitality and wonderful people and beautiful cool mountains of the north I feel are best.

Here are some articles I wrote about Thailand travel, culture, Thai cooking and my experiences with many videos. Have a look and then you can decide.

Thailand Travel and Culture

Randy and Ning
I would suggest that Thailand is the much better destination for all your honeymoon needs. There are great diving spots, beautiful beaches and islands to go to and for a lady, it is a shoppers paradise. Phi Phi islands, Phuket, Koh Samet, Koh Chang, Hua Hin, etc. Thailand will also be much cheaper which you might consider taking into account the economic woes of the world at present. Pattaya () is just as good and a real fun city with just about everything available that you like and within close proximity. Great night life, lots of places to see and visit, great water sports and good value for money. Phuket and Phi Phi islands will be more expensive but really beautiful. Bear in mind that there are indeed a lot of "working" girls here so please come here with an open mind. However, this should not interfere with your activities and you can have a great time in Pattaya at very affordable prices.
definitely, convenient, beautiful and good can esily choose mountain and/or sea destination. Plenty of amazing resorts in different styles.
Thailand is the best for honeymoon :-)
It's not because i am thai but if you expect a good service and friendly kind..i can say i recommend thailand...and my fav spot is down south..try rayavadee at Krabi...really good outdoor and adventure activity down there too...

check it out


ps. have a wonderful honeymoon
I would suggest Thailand, you can enjoy so many choices. But I would personally recommend KRABI. one of the best!
Definenatly THAILAND: with a large choice of resorts activities and kind people. For a quiet, relaxing, exclusive, authentic stay : V Villas Hua Hin, Private Pool villa, butler service, close to the town. If you like nice beach with beautifull underwater and entertainment Kho Samui, Krabi, Phuket. For trekking and more ethnic-cultural trip: Chiang Mai. After depending on what you are looking for. Feel free to ask me further.
I don't know much about Malaysia but I think Thailand should be your best answer because Thailand has all of you want. If you come in summer the south of Thiland is perfect for you. Hope you have a best honeymoon.
obviously Thailand and i would recommend you for beach in the ssouthen part of Thailand like Phuket or Krabi.
i can arrange a package for u for ur convinent include transportation, accomodation, activities and food with best price and best quality.

anil sachdev
I would also recommend Phuket, plenty of good restaurants and nightlife. Also deserted beaches for privacy, beautiful sunsets, shopping and many activites if you want to be busy.

Congratulations, hope you enjoy your big day and wherever you choose to go for your honey moon.
For my most recent experiences, Phuket is becoming really a tourist trap: Krabi is much better, or if you want something exceptional go to Ko Chang or to Trang
definitely THAILAND! it has been a very popular honeymoon destination for decades as it boast the best facilities in term of quality/price for accomodation (from basic to 6! star hotels to boutique hotels & world best resorts), asian and int'l restaurants, spas, shopping, beaches, national parks, and you name it... very SAFE travelling everywhere, day & night!
if you opt for the north take a look at our online Chiang Mai Index:

happy wedding!!
Thailand for sure!
I will reccommend you some place where are the south of Thailand.
Firstly, P.P. Erawan Palms Resort that locate on Krabi province.

Lastly, Baan Taling Ngam Resort and Spa where is a lot of activities.

If you are interesting in about this Hotel, you can contact me,,

Hope you have a good vacation with your wife.,,,,
I would also recommend Thailand. The island of Koh Tao springs to mind for Honeymooners. It is only recently developped and is relatively inexpensive compared to Samui, Phuket, Krabi or Pattaya. It is also lacking the famous nightlife of previous mentioned resorts. There is nightlife, just not involving scantily clad local belles. The island offers upscale, boutique spa and massage resorts at mid-range prices , as well as fine dine western and Thai cuisine. Mountain biking and rock climbing arrived this year. The excellent opportunities to develop SCUBA diving skills should not be ignored and the snorkelling at Nangyuan is world reknowned.
Thailand is the nicest for a honeymoon. Laos is too much work to travel across, and though relaxing, there are no beaches. Cambodia is a bit hectic, unless you try Sihanoukeville?

KL is fantastic if you want to spend a bit more money? Very romantic and nice city living.
I am slighty biased but Thailand everytime and I would choose Phuket. Phuket has some idillic places for that special holiday.
Let me know if you want some advice on some resorts that cater for the honeymoon.
Enjoy the wedding
Sure !! Thailand's the best !!I'll show you that's why you've to choose here. Cheap & Calm & many kind of attractive place to be your choice. Hope to see you soon.
I advice you to visit thailand because here has lots of bautiful bach at th South of thailand.
I'd say Thailand, if it's a beach based honeymoon you want then consider Krabi. Raleigh area and also close by is Phi Phi island. It's a beautiful and romantic part of the world.
Honeymoon....Koh Samui or maybe Phuket
Thailand or (but not asked by you) Indonesia. I wish you a very nice honeymoon where ever you may go
The Racha on Koh Racha. absolutely perfect!

I would recommand "Thailand" no wonder that all countries in is beautiful in their way, but Thailand can offer you a great fun, warm hospitality and of course beautiful nature, if you are beach lover, I'd suggest "Sri Panwa" hip and absolutely heaven, or "Zeavola" in Phi Phi island.Another recommended is Phu Jai Sai, Chiang Rai..perfect for couple rested in beaufiful rush hill.
I would recommand "Thailand" no wonder that all countries in is beautiful in their way, but Thailand can offer you a great fun, warm hospitality and of course beautiful nature, if you are beach lover, I'd suggest "Sri Panwa" hip and absolutely heaven, or "Zeavola" in Phi Phi island.Another recommended is Phu Jai Sai, Chiang Rai..perfect for couple rested in beaufiful rush hill.
unless you do not like good food, or the beautiful beaches and mountains or the stunning cultural scenes, or
the great thai people.

Then you can go to vietnam, or cambodia where you are going to get ripped off every second.

I think Thailand are a good place to have a big fun..

Here you can have all services easely..

Have a nice Honeymoon !!!

;) Eric..
My suggestion would definately be PHUKET, Thailand.
We have many beautiful beaches, beautiful hotels to suit any budget, clean and warm sea waters to dive and snorkel in, massage spas, nightlife, shopping, entertainment, boat rides and cruises - romantic style. wow the list just goes on. So PHUKET, Thailand for honeymoon.
I live on a small beautiful island called Koh Lanta.
There are many weddings here.
Check out my services.
The answer to your question is very easy, as that would be Thailand, and then definitely Phuket. There are the beautiful beaches, great infrastructure and every service you will need for a perfect honeymoon. From the Marriot to local houses, there are a lot of choices.
Check out the sunset on the southern tip of the island, that is where the locals go for a romantic time.
Thailand for sure. Koh Samui is amazing for weddings and honeymoons. I work at weddings singing so I have seen many of the beautiful resorts and spas here. Depending on your budget, you have lots of choice. Just look up resorts and spas on the net.

There are beautiful restaurants for romantic meals with gorgeous views and if you really want some privacy you can go to Koh Phangan and Koh Tao, the smaller neighbouring islands to find some secluded beaches and resorts.

Happy honeymoon and if you have anymore questions please ask I have been living on these islands for 2 years.
I live in thailand & i love it here but you only get 15 days on arrival on your visa (unless you buy a tourist visa before you arrive) but i strongly reccomend malaysia.You get 90 days on arrival & theres some islands on the east coast near the thai border called 'the prehentian islands' & they are without doubt the most beautiful beaches i have ever seen.Lots to do including scuba diving & snorkelling with turtles & black tip sharks(not dangerous).Pure paradise
Sorry but the 15 day visa rule applies if you arrive on land. For the majority of nationalities, certainly North America, Australia, New Zealand, most of Europe, the Gulf States and much of Asia, it is possible to stay up to 30 days without a visa.
Phuket, Phuket, Phuket.You want romance and style and luxury, Phuket is the place for all lovers, romantics and honeymooners.
See you here.
i recommended Thailand. because thailand have many beautiful beaches and nice resorts on the southern. if you want to relax and have a nice day, i prefer kra-bi Rai lay bay...there are many activities such as climbing,and many activities by sea....there are many nice resorts but rather expensive kra-bi you will see the beautiful view and touch a local people lifestyle...local peoples are very kind,good speaking, honest so you can trust....any reasons..why do you go to kra-bi in thailand?? i think you should to go there and you will know the you will not to sad if you decide to go there.............i hope you will enjoy, fun, happy, and sweet love..........Have a nice trip...!!
Of course, Thailand has much more to offer. Phuket, Krabi on the South should be your choice if you want to do some adventure activities during the day, and romantic dinner at night. There are plenty to offer depending on your budget. I can help you plan futher if you tell me more details.

Have fun !!! & Congratulations !!
I recommend Thailand as I live here and seen most of it, Beaches are beautiful here.
I wil suggest you to consider other option for your honeymoon. The perfect place , in my viewpoint , is Bali , Indonesia. Bali is exotic , natural landscape , old traditions , interesting old religion, excellent food and wonderful people . Place remain a slowly pace of daily life.
You will feel in the paradise . A lost paradise , despite some tourists. Think it over. Bali is quite unique ! ! !
consider visiting the philippines. 1000$ usd can go a long way, prices here are pretty cheap, there are a lot of things to do and places to see.

to give you a glimpse check this out:

if you're interested let me know
I'm biased cos I'm Thai but I would have to say that Thailand offers the best of every world at really affordable prices. Malaysia is lovely too but much more expensive and the locals are as smiley as Thai People!

Definitely Koh Samui in Thailand.
U & ur partner will have all the natural support there to enjoy the Honeymoon...
Pls. be there during full Moon & spend ur time in the beach..
For honeymoon you need a quiet place. I suggest North Corea.
I recommend Thailand - Phuket , Samui
Malaysia - Langkawi
Indonesia - Bali
Personaly I would go to bali, much more romantic , safer, and interesting, thaiand has become very dangerous and unfriendly. also weather from may till october , perfect clear sky and sun. enjoy

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