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Hello, my name Sasha! I'm graduating the university. I'm studying at IT faculty. Now I start to work at local cable TV channel. I'd like to visit United States and specially California with my friends. I'd want to live there for a some month, try to work. Is it possible to find a job for a short time and to find the appartments not very expensive. I'm looking forward for your answer. Thank you Bye.


City: San Francisco

State: California

Country: United States


You may want to try AirBnB for shared/cheap accommodation.

Unless you have permission to work in the US you may have a hard time finding work.
Hi Sasha...
You may have a difficult time finding work without a green card. I suggest you check with immigration and then check on Craigslist for a temporary job. You will most likely have to share an apartment in San Francisco as it's VERY expensive. Living across the Bay in Oakland or some other place may be easier but you will have to use public transport. You may wish to search within your ethnic community for accommodation. Good Luck!!!
Susan Driscoll
Thank you, Susan.
Your answer is my first steps to the US.
I want to go there with my 3 universities' friends so I can rent appartment with them.
I'll try to find Ukraine community there.
Best wishes.
Sasha Ieltsov.

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