Wild ideas to celebrate 50th birthday for a friend (single)

We, men only, are coming to Las Vegas to celebrate a friend's 50th birthday -- he is single. Looking for wild ideas.


City: Las Vegas

State: Nevada

Country: United States


I would suggest avoiding the usual temptations of spending money that you would rather not gambling. Watch out for scams. Some other ideas to throw around would be considering outdoor activities like: camping, hiking, getting some backpacks and a few tents. Nothing like the outdoors that bring about some of the most memorable times. Maybe spend your last night in a hotel getting cleaned up and talking about what is most important thing you would like to focus on for the rest of your lives. Here's a website with multiple ideas of things to do, some of which is free, and there are more than a few ideas to choose from.
When you say wild and single and Vegas, there are many activities that come to mind. Are you looking for going to a club, doing a fun "in suite" party with food, drinks and maybe a DJ? I can help you with anything that you are thinking of doing for this event. I have handled many fun birthday parties for both men and women that are wild, yet safe! How many total guys?
The most famous of all the "wild" ideas would be to visit one of the legal brothels in Nevada. HBO has a series on the bunny ranch. On the other hand, Las Vegas is ideally set up for men and partying. There are great clubs and night life at most casinos and the party possibilities are endless. I'd catch some of the shows and some of the "girls".. have fun
Unfortunately, the legal brothels that are featured on HBO as well as others are quite a drive from Las Vegas and not convenient access...smiles!
They Will pick you up
Go casino hopping. Try to hit every 5-star joint on the strip and spend a little time in each one. If you are looking for strip club action...the "Spearmint Rhino" is the best in the none. Take the $10 cab ride from the strip to the club.
Alot of guys like the Machine Gun Practice and Certification Shops/Ranges in Las Vegas. For about
$20, they provide you with the gun and Certified Instructor
and show you how to operate it. Then, you pay for your amno during the session. It is a lot of fun and at the
end of the session you can get a Certificate if
you meet the Range Requirements.
50+ As a Vegas Tour Guide at Vegas Three Hour Tours I would have to suggest the first ever available Bingo Tour. I have the package you are looking for! We could play anywhere from 2-5 bingo parlers in one day and even play at the only all paper bingo in Vegas, plus see all the great vegas attractions aswell! Interested?? email me at

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