How long would it take to drive to Peru?

Leaving SLC, UT and going to Lima by car


Country: Peru


It would take you TOO LONG for you to even think about it! besides, as far as i know are parts of the road in centro america, that are not safe to drive by... if you wanna have an idea of how long would it take, probable a couple of weeks, without making any stops!
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It would take you so much time (sincerely 3 weeks at least) Its an interesting and gigantic idea, but in real, it takes you a lot of time not only traveling, also about permissions, visas, and may be little problems in highways in some countries. I would recommend you to take a flight to Peru and rent a car here, we have extraordinary routes to enjoy driving.
if you have had lots of experience driving in south america,
then fine, if you have not and you want to arrive with all
your sanity do not drive,
It would take a LOT of time, many weeks, it also depends in which car you'll be coming, too much gasoline, permissions and more; such as weather inconveniences. It'll be more interesting if you take a flight, u can save some money and spend it in other tours all around Peru.
It would take you 3 or 4 weeks more or less, if you don't stop. But, sincerelly it's so much time, it's very far away.
Good Luck!
leaving from where???
USA I think... but I'm sure not many peolpe in Peru knows what SLC, UT means...
I'm sorry, it would take long time, I don't know someone who made it but I think it's not impossible.
Hi Edward. If SLC, UT means Salt Lake City at Utah... you are talking for a 9,000 miles to the peruvian border (Just from SLC to El paso you are talking about 877 miles. This huge adventure will mean between 10 to 16 days driving. You will expend about 4 times a round flight ticket (but a lot of fun and adventure less). I hope you have more specific details!. Cheers
Hi Edward:

YOU CAN NOT make the route by land, because THE DARIEN GAP will make it impossible, thats located in the Panama-Colombia frontier...there is no road and the only way to make the trip is by small boats that is not a good idea to put your car on it.

I suggest you not to bring your car to latin america...cause is very problematic, anyway is very cheap and BETTER to make the trip by local trasnportation.


It would take about 4.5 weeks to drive to Peru. And some of the roads via central America you would need a 4x4. I have driven through all of Mexico and into Guatemala. And we had to take extra water food and gas as there was a long part that did not have any gas stations. And crossing the boarder from one country to the next can be very hard as we had to pay a fee to take our car into Guatemala. As well as pay the police in one part of Mexico. Well it would be a fun drive and a great memeory good luck if you take this trip/
No way, dude. Safety First! you'd have to drive through Mexico, Central America (note that there are way too many social issues in these countries, not to mention the gangs) then Venezuela, Ecuador, to reach Peru. I don't believe you can secure your passage along the route. This is way too yahoo. Besides, it'll be a lot cheaper just to fly. Not good for a road trip. L8r
It would take like a couple of weeks, and also, you have to check Panama's tourism web page, because that's a part in the trip that maybe you should have to take another transportation by the canal of Panama
If you have a good car and are a good mechanics you should be able to do it in 10 days to 2 weeks depending on stops on the way. The tricky spot is still the Darien straights, between CA and SA, as it was 5 centuries ago for the Spaniards. Good luck.
Too long and you would have to take the boat to go from Panama to Colombia or direct to Ecuador.
Wow... a lot of negative answers here. I say, go for it! It is indeed a long adventure, and I studied doing it myself at one time (driving through to Brazil). The biggest problem, as one member mentioned, is the Darrien Gap between Panama and Columbia. However, there is a ferry service that can get you around that. You will have lots of tough challenges with crooked officials, thieves, and whatever other obstacles await - but isn't that what an adventure is all about? I met a couple that drove their mid-size RV from Canada while they were in Peru, and asked (of course) how they managed. This was about two years ago, and they said the only real problem they had was at the Ecuador/Peruvian border, dealing with the Peruvian officials. They unwillingly parted with a video camera to ease their passage, so it might not be a bad idea to buy some older equipment on eBay to use as gifts if you run into any really difficult officials. Time wise, I think you are looking at a month of hard driving - nothing less, for sure - especially if you are going to enjoy the journey. I would, of course, reccomend a rugged car. Japanese car parts (Nissan/Toyota) are the easiest to find along the way if something were to go wrong. Money can solve all your problems along the way, but you also must be careful not to attract too much attention with a car/jewelry/manner that stands out. Try to blend as much as possible. Also, tinted windows invite police stops, and police expect bribes in much of latin america. I once had to pay $3 because I didn't have an "emergency triangle" in the car... just the cost of driving in South America. 99.9% of the time I have found the police to be friendly, helpful, and honest - so it's just that .1% that will bother you... and them not so much. Do not travel at night, period. If you make the journey, you'll pass right through Trujillo. Be sure to contact me if you do and have dinner with us!
I enjoyed your answer. I do not like how everyone is being so negative about it, epically since I wish to drive to Brazil myself. Any advice you could throw my way?
As long as you want. Plan ahead the daily mileage you are planning to drive, the rest stops, etc. That sounds a great trip! Good luck.
I believe it will take a couple of weeks, certainly a trip of a lifetime, let us all know if you end up driving down here,
good luck
hey mate!! Salt Lake City, Utah... driving? let me tell you why you should be driving in your own country for around one week plus another week in the midle of nowhere? my top advice would be come here to Peru and rent a car and go anywhere you want .... you will be astonished by the landscapes, people, culture, food..... ADVENTURE I see that is what are you looking for.....
Have fun!!!!!

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