This is a quote from one Acting Sri Lankan Localyte "Walking tours in the city are best taken with caution. There can be some very...

...unsavory individuals out to make a buck on you or even steal from you. Therefore I suggest you go along with a trusted person." Is this true or is it to tarnish the image of your Country


Country: Sri Lanka


This is very Wrong. Sri Lanka respect tourist and Sri Lanka has Tourist Police on all Major Tourist Areas. So any type of stealing or harrassing will not be encouraged. Any problem you can always contact the Police in your area.
This statement is highly unfair.

Like with all cities in the world there are unsafe areas, which should be avoided by tourists. Colombo in general is a safe city and crime is much lower than in most other cities of the region. The developed and commercialised areas of Colombo are perfectly safe and hassle free. If you do find people trying to offer their services or sell you something just dont encourage them.
Well, this is absolutely wrong statement. It is very very safe to travel any part of the island witout any hesitation. There may be some beggars around but they are not thives. !
totally wrong
Sri Lanka has been know to be most hospitable. Even if you are lost in a City Center and ask for assistance, you will find people who would even come and drop you back to your location.
Even going out in the night in Colombo/Kandy/N-Eliya is quite normal. (till 12m.n)
During daytime there will be instances were they will try to sell you something. If you show interest they wont give up. So, the best is that if you are not interested just say "no thank you". Even if you purchase you have the right to bargain and by purchasing from a road side vendor will make both parties happy.
Stealing is at a very low percentage specially on the streets or in the hotels. Mugging in almost zero.
The above quote cannot be taken off now, but I would come and apologise to you in person if you get mugged while in Sri Lanka.
Whoever has the above quote should make corrections a.s.a.p.
I think better you consult a psychiatrist, sorry mate you have else to do, then asking people stupid questions. MAMMA MIA
Sorry mate you are wrong ...... please don't ask stupid questions, which spoil the name of Sri Lanka.....
Totally out!!!!!!!!!! Wrong
Like any place in the world, it is important to act with street smarts and caution. Sri Lankans are some of the friendliest in the world. However, foreign tourists draw attention because they are often viewed as wealthy and an easy way to earn money. That said, the country is a very safe place, but unfortunately, Westerns will continue to draw undue attention, which is often genuine, but can have a profit motive behind it.
This is completely misleading, our country is maintaining huge reputation about hospitality, tourists are roaming freely in all major tourist cities specially in all major beaches in Hikkaduwa,Bentota,Negombo in all these areas there are Tourist Police in place,Some tourist are travelling by Bus or Train but there were no such incidents reported in Sri Lanka. Srilankans respect tourists.
Sri Lanka is on balance safer than just about any other tourist Nation.
So-called 'guides', however, are often a pest and many are too pushy and over protective. Not for their client, but their own 'possession', the gullible tourist.
Single lady travelers also are often seen as female sex tourists.
There the fault my be on both sides; often nothing but a cultural conflict.
To find a good and trustworthy person is in my onion easier in Sri Lanka than anywhere else. Airport approved drivers are a good start.Use your common sense!
if you ask anyone who's involved in tourism about this matter, 80% of the time they would say no. However, I'm not from tourist industry and I would say your statement is correct to a certain extent. If you need more information, please feel free to browse through to the section that gives some travel advice to the female forein tourists visiting this country. If you can find an earlier version of the same guide book, you will see a much worse review on the conduct of sri lankan men and their reactions towards white/caucasian women, to be specific. About travel safety : once I was on the train to Badulla from Kandy and a Lithuanian female traveller who was in the same compartment was drugged by her own guide.Luckily, she had some consciousness and he was not able to steal. Yes, if you do come here, you should look after your goods, you should be aware of who you turn for help. You should double check the guide you are with and always write down the vehicle registration number of the taxi you travel in. This is a beautiful country and you really should visit this place but as in any other place, give priority to your own safety. Cheers!!
It's not totally true the major cities are really safe also
if you need any help ask from near by shop so you know the land mark and the person,or the hoteal your are staying which is my advice rather than asking a stranger
stealing is not very common but they might cheat you specially payment ventors
by selling at higher price try to buy from the shops where all the things are price marked
This is diabolic lie..If you walk alone one kilometer on the sri lankan road you may receive hundred of thousand of smiles from sri lankans, not for any benefit, but it is the congenital habbit..not only for foreigners, bit als locals aswell...SL is a safe country..unfotunately, there are orgnised people to tarnish the image of he country for their own agendas..

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