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hello my friends, i have 2 american friends who are visiting cairo soon, i would like a guide to pick them up in alexandria, take them to cairo, visiting the egyptian musuem, the pyramids area, and khan el khalili, how much would cost for guiding only, in egyptian bound, thank you very much for answering , a good quote will win the business deal


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Hi Shaab Ramad,I don't think i help you because i will still studying in the college.
Dear sir,
concerning your question. It gives us a great pleasure to include a quotation for the guidance itself and another one for the total visit if its applicable. PLS see the attached quote.
Adham A. Khalifa
SkyGate services & supplies
I'm sorry..i wont be able
Hi mr,shaab

it is my pleasure to be your friends guide in cairo and alexandria with full archelogical , historical explaination for 25 $ per day just give me the day of thier arrival and the location of their hotel on

thank you
Hi mr Shihab ... i would be happy if you let me be your mate here and show you around my hometown in cairo :) i am studying in the german university therefore i can manage to visit this greatest university in egypt as well..
and about the price don't worry ... it's for free .. :)

i am still new to this great website .. and i hope we be friends :)
wish i could but not this time
hy my freind,
it gives me pleasure to be with u but confirm me first to be ready for u ,for guiding will b 120LE and u are welcome anytime,.
It's our pleasure at flashtour to host your friends can simply visit our company's website , .
You are more than welcome ..
I charge in US dollars, I am in USA.
If they are interested, let them contact me @ .
Elena Power
sry, I can't help u.
Hi there, would like to help your 2 friends but unfortunately my area of expertise is the Sinai and the Red Sea. Good Luck and Happy holidays for your friends.
The Desert Frog
look ican say but ineed to know if they need aspecial car need ahotel something like this but if me only 25$ per day
The guiding Service will cost about 150-200 L.E per day
Dear:sheehab plz till me what time you need this prog...
hi all, thank you very much for your answer and information, due to the incident in Hussein square in Cairo, and the death of french tourist, my American friends canceled their trip to egypt temporarily, i will let you know if i have any client or friend, thanks all once more
wat do u need exactly
Please check our website and you will find what you need

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